Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bitter Gourd Lunch

Bitter Gourd lunch again~
This round I chosed Marmite Chicken Rice (RM6.80):

Quite recommended too, thumb up.
I tried the drink of Bitter Gourd + Cucumber :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jam Hsiao's It's All About LOVE

This is Jam Hsiao's 4th album - It's All About LOVE 以愛之名
(MARRY ME edition) Taiwan Pre-Order version.

The preoder started from 14 Nov 2012 and the album released on 30 Nov 2012. Fans helped to bought it first and helped to get his signature during his taiwan autograph session on 8 Dec 2012. Then only mailed over to us.

There are actually 2 edition of Pre-Order version - Marry Me and Story. I had chosen the MARRY ME edition:

It contains a 36 Pages of Jam's Photobook:

Picked some of my favourite portrait:

My favourite page for this moment:

Really looks great in Orange~

The design of this CD packaging is so flowery and so sweet~

Introducing me many new flower names

Warner Music Intro:

Come with 7 type of CD Cover:

Along with a small flip book - moving motion of Jam ^^

This round the limited edition packaging design is so nice and very thoughtful for fans to keep as collection. The back of the CD:

More important is that all of the songs are definately well-worth listening! My favourite - Do You Know, Unusual, Marry Me, Golden Love and many more~ Waiting for his final edition with Live DVD and MV ^^

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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hong Kong Short Trip - Day 3

[25 Nov 2012] Last day morning, walked around at Kennedy Town after breakfast.

Then we packed our luggage and checked-in first.

After our luggage were dropped, we headed to Tsim Sha Tsui.

By taking ferry~

Passed by Sunday market.

It's a rainy day~

Xmas deco in front of Harbour City.

Here we reached Harbour City:

Lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant - Golden Bull:

Bye Hong Kong. Next round during Chinese New Year in 2013 will be the other family visit to M'sia.

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Hong Kong Short Trip - Day 2

[24 Nov 2012] While Teresa and her mum having make up for wedding, me and my brothers went over to Lee Garden plaza for a walk. We visited to the newly opened Eslite in Causeway Bay.

Not very big, only have books and magazines.

We had our lunch at Hung Kee:

Then we all headed to the church for wedding ceremony:

After speeches, signature and photo session with friends & families:

Since the couples didn't take any wedding photo, and they dressed up, so we headed to Waterfront Park at Bel-Air to take photos ourself XDXDXD

Simple camera, simple wedding photos for bro and Teresa:

After photo session, we all back to have a drink and rest before a simple dinner between 2 families at Fook Lam Moon restaurant.

The bill for the dinner was incredibly expensive but I didn't managed to see it. Bro said better don't see it.

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