Monday, November 28, 2011

Jam Hsiao Performance in Golden Horse Award 2011

One of the highlight performance on Golden Horse Award 2011 was the turn of Jam Hsiao. 有Hold住全场的架势!

What a big difference comparing 4 years ago when he first attended the Golden Horse Award. 2007年敬腾叫大家一起合唱,2011年影帝影后都跟唱!太强大了~

Jam Hsiao sang in Golden Horse Award 2007:

Once he walked along the star avenue, the fans could quickly identified what's the possible brand of the suit or jewelry/accessories, LOL.

They believed the necklace above was Cartier, LOL. Unbelievable -_-"

Another guess on the suit - DIOR HOMME FW 2003 LUSTER 233, LOL.

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