Sunday, December 25, 2005

Dad on ward

Christmas eve, dad's having breathing problem. Younger bro drove him to clinic and was sent to General Hospital bcoz of heart problem. He stayed overnight in hospital to do health check, the report will be out this afternoon. We were allowed to visit him at lunch time.

Aunty & cousin AhZhi from Malacca came up KL coz AhZhi will back to uni again next week. Aunty cooked our favourite Mian Ban Kuih, aka Pan Mee. Used tepung+oil+salt to roll up and made them into pieces. Finally pour into the KongYiChai soup~ Eat with fried unions is very delicious.
We also brought some for dad's dinner in hospital. Well, the doctor didn't come in today, so still have to stay for another night until doctor signed and let him go back home.

Cousin KaiJie, AhZhi & big aunty:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Genki Sushi gathering

Elder bro intro a friend of him, Xiao Lan, at Genki Sushi. Later on, bro's laptop was picked up at Glenmarie - Toshiba Tele Dynamics. In the middle of the building design, there's a skylight/courtyard with very green grass surrounding a walking path from one side to another. There's an artificial moden waterfall to emphasize the nature of this architecture.

Toshiba showroom & customer service center:

Elder bro gave me his old Sony Ericson K700i while he still have his K750i. Well, europe phone software is not compatible to asia countries. So, it was sent to a phone shop for new software installation, costed RM25.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sim card replacement & Faye

Yesterday called up Maxis hotline to block my card. Approached Maxis customer service center, I filled up a Lost Sim Card form and had given my 3 latest numbers which I dialed/SMS within this 2 weeks to their representative. My Hotlink card shell which hold the Sim Card was shown to them as a prove that the Sim Card was mine, they photostated it and together bind with my IC. Soon, they gave a new sim card with my same handphone number and transfer all my balance RM92 into it. However, the process will deduct RM10 from my balance. Later on, me & my elder bro went over to K Avenue's Kim Gary restaurant for lunch.

Tiger PowerHitz's website was giving away free CDs for old registered members. I was hoping they can send me David Tao's CD. Well, they sent me the Faye Wong's Jiang Ai CD with signature.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Malacca Trip

My colleague booked an apartments in Malacca and invited everyone to join the trip and celeb his bday this weekend. Early the morning, we gathered at one of the colleagues' house. Then we headed to have our breakfast at SS2 before going to highway.

14 of us divided into 3 cars. My group stopped at Seremban to buy a birthday cake and famous Seremban Siew Pow. Around 2pm, we reached Malacca city and had lunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball restaurant, Jonker Street. Back to car park, 3 cars of us kena saman RM30.

On the way to our Garden City Services Apartment in Bandar Hilir, we stopped at Stadthuys building to take photos. After check-in, we decided to visit Taman Buaya at 5pm b4 closing.
After parking our cars in Jusco, we walked over to Jonker Street. It's kinda crowded here. We tried many nice food here. Unexpectedly, my handphone was stolen in the crowd and I only realised my handphone was lost after walking end of the street. Losing my Nokia 3310 doesn't matter, it's time for me to change another one because it's old and sometimes giving screen problem because my hp cover was spoilt and might not keep the screen tighten to display, sometimes showing alien words. But I still use it because I seldom use handphone but only for emergency. Although this month I've shared out value RM40 to my brothers and haven't top-up, however I still left RM90 balance. I'll use my brothers' new numbers while they just bought it to use few weeks/months before going overseas again. Contact list isn't a problem to me as I keep hardcopy & softcopy.

Back to the stories of our malacca trip, that night we also enjoy our satay celup at Capitol restaurant, 14 of us had eaten nearly RM100. Then, everyone back to apartment. It's time to celeb my colleague Michael's bday. They also brought snacks & beers. I only finished my chips, 1 slice of mocha cake and 1 can of 5% Calsberg:p Stomach kinda full. We were kinda high and the fellows were kinda funny. While others enjoyed their TV games or slept. The next morning, we went to A-Famosa water world.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bangsar Village OutBack SteakHouse

Yesterday we had our departmental lunch at Bangsar Village OutBack SteakHouse. It's decoration is kinda Aussie style with Boomarangs hanging on walls. About 35 of us, spent RM1581 here. However, using Citibank card can have 20% discount.
I ordered my Chicken on the Barbie, soft drink and sharing Sydney Sinful Sundae with HuiYing *Yummy*. Nearly 3 hours...
Department is having this lunch because dept didn't exceeded budget as we didn't simply use paper or stationaries. They had also bought a new water dispencer, and asking whether anybody needs any new software for work. hmm... how nice if they can also plan a departmental trip.

PeiChi bought a new digital camera(Panasonic), kinda like it as it's small with big screen.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Given Nikon CoolPix885

Yesterday at YongTouFu restaurant, met primary school fren, Lun. I can't recognised him until he mentioned his name. They are now collecting old school frens details, I've just updated my details at their offical yahoo account:p It's only 14ppl participated, waiting us to spread to other old frens. After the lunch, went to KLIA to meet elder bro, flight CX0723.

He passed me his old digital camera, a 4yrs ago technology, Nikon CoolPix885. The memory is kinda small, only 128MB. Now, dad can use it to snap his goods for lelong liao~ Next time I also can upload more pic here:)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

KLCC night

Last night, younger brother's frens from Miri & KK were around KL shopping. It's the first time he tried to drive my car after back from Melbourne, I was kinda terified while sitting next to him... coz he's trying to estimate his car and the road size practising all the way to KLCC. Now, I can understood how my dad felt whenever he newly sat my car and prefer to put his hand at the handbreak.

We met at TGV, most tickets were at last night... non of the movies we were interested. So, we headed up to the restaurant for dinner, however the Madam Kwan's was too crowded. Thus, that Miri & KK frens continued shopping. Stopped at Nike sports land, KK:"Among the shops, only this can see...", he decided to buy a sport style bag, kinda like golf bag, about RM290+, bcoz spent up to RM300 can have voucher, so Miri fren tot of getting socks to make up the amount, but he picked his sports pant RM70+... coz he bought a sports pant in Melb using AUD70, considered cheap enough.

After buying a blade at Kinokuniya, we wanted to have dinner at Nippon Tei but it's 10pm closed. So, we back to Madam Kwan's... seated us 4 persons. Coincidentally, it's the same table which I had lunch with Ves and her sister last year. I already had my dinner at home, so I just enjoyed my Cendol.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Renewed Passport

Early morning around 9am, me & my younger brother reached PBD to renew our passport. Nowadays, it's very convenient that no need to wait for the long queue. They have a express kiosk machine which require us to complete the procedures. First, insert old passport for scanning, followed by My Kad, RM300, and photo in envelope... wait for the resit to come out.

It's still early, so we drove to One Utama. Very less people shopping in the early morning, ppl are starting to open their shops. Well, there are christmas little houses on the stage with children rehearsing their xmas songs. We passed by WongKok Char Chan Teng, I ordered Za Choi Yuk Si mee while my brother had his Fu Yong Dan rice.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Time to clear leave

It's getting end of the year, I should finish all my leave of this year b4 forfeit. So, I've applied this month - 1, 2, 5, 6, 19, 20, 21.

Well, they've changed the cameron highland trip to Malacca A Famosa because apartment was fully booked. hmm... but I still prefer cameron, the greenaries of the hill and its fresh air. I've been to Malacca for many times when visiting relatives but seldom visit the tourism places, it was during childhood.