Sunday, August 19, 2018

Taiping Trip - Day 2

[27 May 2018] Breakfast in Flemington Hotel.

Rooftop swimming pool in the hotel:

Panorama view of Taiping Lake Garden from hotel rooftop:

After heavy breakfast, a morning walk 
in Taiping Lake Garden Raintree Walk:

Bicycle rental in the garden:

One of the Raintree had been fallen down.

Mirror of Taman Tasik Taiping
Taiping Trip: Day 1Day 2

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Taiping Trip - Day 1

[26 May 2018] 2D1N short trip to Taiping. On the way, we stopped by Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge TT5.

The last Tin Dredge in Malaysia:

While waiting for the tour, we visited around the info center:

We took the guided tour - RM10.

Choose your helmet first:

A walked in the Tin Dredge TT5:

After the tour, we headed to Kuala Sepetang / Port Weld:

Opposite the Port Weld sign, there's a curry noodle stall. We tried out the delicious curry noodles and non-spicy noodle soup:

Ordered some fried food for afternoon tea:
Fried nian gao, popiah and prawn cracker:

Then we stopped by the Charcoal Factory and bought the mosquito spray:

Stopped by Antong Cafe to taste their coffee:

Check-in Flemington Hotel which is just opposite Taiping lake:

Dinner - Char Kuey Tiu

Fried stuff as appetizer:

Frog porridge:

Evening walk in Taiping Raintree Walk:

Taiping Trip: Day 1 | Day 2

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Triang Pahang

[15 Dec 2017] A short trip to Triang, Pahang. We were invited by Janet to be her wedding Jimui. Janet's family brought us to visit a tibetan feel temple in Triang.

A group photo of Jimui.

The palm groove.

The temple:

Next morning event - the activities for the Heng Dai.

The LOVE bites:

Wedding car decoration:

The Jimui with pink attire T-shirt and short jeans.

Delicious wedding lunch before we headed back to KL:

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Botani & Wetland Park Putrajaya

[1 Dec 2017] A visit to the Taman Botani Putrajaya on a public holiday. Free admission.

View from top of canopy walk:

You can rent a bicycle to ride in the park:

Next, we proceed to the Wetland Park which is next to the Botani Park. It is also free admission.

The lookout point:

We had a break at the top of lookout point. 
Our nasi lemak and fried meehoon:

At the flamingo pond:

The wetland: