Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Day for Janet

We postponed to celeb Janet's bday 3 days late. We were at the Coffee Bean after watching the Indiana Jones in 1U. I was trying to capture the shadow of Coffee Bean logo in the cup:
Hoon, Sunny, me & Janet:
Followed by the dinner at Tak Fok restaurant. 4 of us ordered about 1kg eggyolk crab, 1kg GamHeong crab, DongBo meat, Bun, Vege, tofu...... ended up we were too full but we're able to finished them.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

第三届Bookfest Malaysia

Sunny with her college friends (Grace & Sam) and highschl friends (me & Janet) met up to visit the Bookfest Malaysia 2008. It's the 3rd year of helding this exhibition in KLCC convention centre.
Among the sea of books, I have chosen this book with many interesting drawings & photos. The authur introduces what interested her during her traveling life. 一直往外跑 (RM23.05) This book is translated from a Korean writer. 倾听 (RM19.90).
We all had lunch in Avenue K's Kim Gary before visiting the bookfest. This was my set of SiChuan 炸菜肉丝 noodle soup.
Janet's mix ingredients of noodle soup set.
Sunny's spaghetti tasted so-so only.

- One Million Star -
One of the highlights on 16 May 2008 was one of the contestant (黃靖倫) duet with his idol Jeff Chang:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Meeting Hoon, Janet & Sunny

meeting Hoon, Janet & Sunny to watch the Iron Man at 1U.
We had breakfast at DeliFrance before movie started at 11:30am. We prefer the morning session in 1U with lower movie price and more parking spaces.
Con't lunch at Sushi Zanmai. Me, Sunny & Hoon were first time trying this restaurant.
Janet's various type of sashimi:
My kakiage udon, Hoon's chicken & soba:
The softcrab sushi is nice!
Sunny's soba:
We will be meeting up again this Saturday for the bookfair in KLCC.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wesak Day

Tomorrow is Wesak day, tonight the crowd has passed by my area where the people was holding candles walking along the street. Sunny had booked the movie, Iron Man, for me, Hoon & Janet tomorrow morning at 1U.

- Food -
Stepped in a restaurant that recommended by Hochak - Golden Egg Noodle. It is located opposite the IOI Mall Puchong, one of the shoplots. I ordered the Singapore Laksa Pan Mee (RM5.30). It tasted just normal & nothing special at all.
This seafood pan mee is too expensive (RM13.50) and the ingredients are just normal, with 2 big prawns, fish & clams only.
The normal pan mee - Golden Egg Pan Mee (RM4.80).

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yoga, the champion from One Million Star season 1.
迷幻的 慵懶的 会扭的… 林宥嘉
"下一秒 誰會是你生命中的神秘嘉賓~~
沒聽過披頭四 嘴裡不會唱著愛與和平
沒看過村上春樹 腦中不會寫出詩一樣的夢境
沒遇見那個人 心中不會出現愛情
現在的你 等待著誰闖進生命

林宥嘉 - 神秘嘉賓

林宥嘉 & 刘力扬 - 传说 (太王四神記片尾曲)

Who is 刘力扬?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The bookfair which held in KLCC convention centre every year is coming soon again in this 24&25 May. Well, my colleagues are planning to have Penang trip on that weekend too, but seems like not much response, somemore I have already fixed the date for my highschool friends to celeb Janet's bday or going bookfair.

Meanwhile, One Million Star 3 is much more better than season 2. When I watched until 25 April show, surprisingly Chris Yu Hong Ming was one of the judges. He gave a small performance with one of the contestants who likes Chris as an idol:

Still remember season 1's PK contestant, Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾), is going to release his first album in June, so excited to listen it. His voice is really very powerful. He doesn't speak much and he is very young that he reacts cute.
Jam 萧敬腾 - You are the Only One in the World (世界唯一的你)

Jam 萧敬腾 at Golden Horse Award '07:

When I was searching his youtube, I found this which his fans did it:

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Fly to the Sky's Recollection

Fly to the Sky [FTTS], my favourite Korean R&B duo, released a recollection album which means they are singing the korean songs that were very famous in 90s, that they grew up with.

How come Fany(Hwanhee) lose weight so much, totally different.

Fly to the Sky - Snail

Fly to the Sky - Thinking Back 回想 [Hwesang]

Fly to the Sky - Last Love 最后的爱情

Fly To The Sky (Feat. AND) - Talk Seriously When Drunk 醉中真谈

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day

Daisy asked me out on Labour Day. At first she suggested to go Sunway Pyramid but today we went to 1U for shopping. We and Daisy bought similar pattern but different sizes of T-Shirt from ESPRIT edc. The T-shirt was originally RM33.90, if using SMS code RM3.50, We can buy 1 & get 1 free, so we shared. I pretty like to have a women head on T-Shirt.

Last night we had a farewell dinner for a colleague leaving us. We went to SS2 New Paris again. Due to many didn't turn up, ended up we were like each person eating the portion of one dishes. We ordered a lot of sotong & la-la that CWH couldn't eat, not because of alergy but crashing with his religion, he worship the 'God of Sea' (海龙王宗教).
We contined to have bowling in 1U. BYT is my score. This time I was damn lousy, with 1 strike only.
vs another team: We won with 77 extra points.