Friday, June 30, 2006

Living Expenses

For the pass 6 months, I've spent about RM5340 approximately. All the months were just normal except April. It was extremely high, nearly hit 3K, gosh! more than my monthly income=p Anyway, from my little spending in other months could cover back, right? Once in a while, pouring out for traveling expenses it's ok, life ma~

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Walk to The Mall

This morning was cloudy, the weather was just suitable to walk to the nearest shopping mall in my area, The Mall, which is about 10-15mins distance. Once we reached there, few minutes later it started to rain. But doesn't matter, as long as it stops when we go back.

I exchanged my 2 free Starbucks coupons with 1 large size Banana Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee(for my cousin) and 1 large size Banana Cream Frappuccino Blended Cream(myself):

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Sales again

While shopping in Mid Valley... Coincidentally we saw the Superman Returns event which attended by the 1st & 2nd Malaysian Idols - Jac & Daniel. The Superstars - John & Des were there as well. It's not crowded at all because nobody knows until the host shouted Jac & Daniel's name.

New VJ Jeans VOIR casual wear:

Lunch at Shokudo (Suki Yaki Beef Noodle & Kaki Age Udon):

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Starbucks Summer Treats

I just received an E-mail from Starbucks. One of the daily winner could receive their voucher to enjoy their drinks. hmm... let's see when will they really send me the voucher =p

Winner List (Me: Day13 No.2):

- Friday Dress Down Day -
Office declared 'Friday Dress Down Day'. We are allowed to wear Khaki or non-faded Jeans to work on every Friday now. However, I would prefer Cargo pants but it's not allowed.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle had been released since summer of 2004 but until now only I have bought it because previously I came across another version which was in Japanese(Malay subtitle), so I didn't buy it. I prefer Cantonese version as the translation is more funny.

I find that this movie has a lot of similarities with his other old movies. A combination from other movie characters. Obviously, the Moving Castle vs Laputa. The witch magic in black color vs Princess Mononoke's black worm. The old lady of Spirited Away vs Howl's Sophie. Overall, I have less surprises from this movie, the ending is too simple and the music isn't as interesting as previous.

What I like about this movie:
- The charming Howl
- The different location door
- The moving castle at the ending
- Calcifier fire demon on Sophie's ring
- Scarecrow
- Sleeping Sophie

About the story:

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Tried out the RapidKL city bus RM2 daily ticket, unlimited rides around city area, eg: KLCC, Bukit Bintang, Pasar Seni, etc.

Lunch at food court, Chicken Kebab and Fish&Chips:

Me & my cousin took a visit to the Bookfest@Malaysia at KL Convention Centre in the afternoon. It's kinda crowded esp the section of Taiwan & China compared to Malaysia section which was obviously more quiet. Grabbed the chance to enjoy the traveling photo books. I've chosen an anime VCD - Howl's Moving Castle: