Thursday, April 30, 2009

Long Weekend

Going Ipoh with colleagues on Labour Day. We named this 3D2N trip as 'Ipoh Hochak Trip cum JK Wedding'. There are 13 of us (me, Aren, CJ, CWH, David, Gerlin, HuiYing, MingLi, NCL, OYL, PeiChi, Richard & YGH) will be going earlier before the day of JK's wedding. We were invited since last December and we had come out with this itinerary:

Day One (1 May)
9am: Gather at PJ Uptown for breakfast.
10am: Depart from KL.
11.30am: Reach Sungkai Hot spring.
1pm: Depart from Sungkai.
2.15pm: Reach Ipoh and Check-in + Shopping in Cheong Kong.
3pm: Goto "Da Shu Geok" eat Yong Tau Fu.
4.30pm: Free and Easy.
8pm: Goto "Dong Gu Teng" eat seafood [optional: go to Voolly].
9.30pm: Ipoh cyber step field [optional: goto JJ, Tesco].
12pm: BOMBAY event [optional: child pls sleep early]

Day Two (2 May)
7.30am: Depart from apartment. Arrive "Man Lee Mong" hill and start climbing Ipoh and enjoy the Ipoh view.
9.30am: Go breakfast.
11.30am: Reach JK house and have wedding lunch [optional: witness the "zham cha" ceremony please go at 11am].
1pm: Leave. Goto eat rojak and ABC [if the stall not yet "zap lap"] or white coffee.
2pm: Check in the hotel that JK booked for everyone.
3pm: Have egg tart and buy "Hiong Beng".
4pm: Free and Easy.
5.30pm: Go to tidy up, and prepare to JK's wedding.
11pm: Clubbing event [optional: TTE birthday count down].
12:30 am: [Optional] goto eat Nga Choy Gai.

Day Three (3 May)
8.00am: Wake up, go to Fu San Dim Sum [first goto drink soya bean at Kei Fong].
1pm: Check out and go to eat Hong Tou Mee.
then go to buy "Lok Yau" / White coffee.
go to kampar buy "Roti Chicken".
[Optional: Don't want to go can continue the journey to KL].
X pm: Go back KL.

Ipoh Trip: Itinerary | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Souvenir from Chennai

Ismal was away to Chennai, India last friday. This morning, he distributed his souvenir of India notes to us where it worths 90 sen.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday Celebration for CJ

Station One at Jaya One. It's CJ's birthday.

Make a wish......

3 pieces of cake from Secret Recipe, flavours of durian, mango delight and cuppuccino. Today the singer of the cafe stated that he only sings old songs, so we purposely dedicated some very old songs for him to sing, like 齐秦's '大约在冬季', 新不了情, Eason's '单车', etc.

- Movie -

I was curious about the Japanese film of "Okuribito" / "Departures" which was nominated for the Best Foreign Language film in Academy award. Now, I have finally watched it. Then only I know it's by Masahiro Motoki 本木雅弘 & Ryoko Hirosue 広末凉子. Masahiro Motoki was acted in The Longest Night in Shanghai 2007 with Zhao Wei as a professional beautician and this time he is also a professional beautician but helps to make-up on corpes.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Souvenir from HK by TTE for all colleagues. Sunset of Hongkong at Wan Chai. TTE はホンコンへ帰った。たくさん土産を買った。おいしいチョコレートやクッキーなど持って来た、それから会社の人にあげた。この磁石にくれた。きれいなホンコンのタ方ね。

- Drama -
暇なとき、いつもドラマを見たり、映画を見たり、音楽を聞いたりしています。Ethan Ruan 小天 acts in 败犬女王 'Defeated Queen', so I'm trying to download this drama.

The theme song is Fish Leong's '没有如果' and later changed to '別再為他流淚' and the ending song is also Fish Leong's '愛情之所以為愛情'.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Ichiban Boshi & Shinjuku Incident

Me, Hoon, Janet, Suhsi & Sunny wanted to watch the Shinjuku Incident 新宿事件 by Jackie Chan & Daniel Wu. It's not very nice but violent & bloody, another mafia story but happening in Tokyo's Shinjuku district. Before we headed for the movie, we had lunch at Ichiban Boshi ー番星 in Pavilion KL.

The portion of one plate of sushi in Ichiban Boshi is smaller than Sushi King or Genki Sushi.

We shared to try out the set of Unagi Yanagawa & Sashimi Gozen (RM26.90) - BBQ eel with scrambled egg, salmon sashimi, miso soup, rice & water melon.

We also shared the spicy udon:

More sushi to fill up our stomach: