Saturday, August 26, 2006

Birthday Celebration

ChaiLan joined us 2 months ago. She's a Virgo as well. There are actually many Virgoes in my office, remembered last year we did have a group birthday celebration in Hartz Chicken Buffet in Time Square. Yesterday, we belanja her lunch. This birthday girl even gave us a treat at Secret Recipe for 3 slices of cakes after office hour. Yum~ we ordered Mango Delight, Chocolate Banana and dunno what cheese cake =p

- Drama/Movie -
Hero which I borrowed from Janet, a japanese drama by Takuya Kimura & Matsu Takako. Kuryu (Kimura) is a young public prosecutor in Tokyo. His style of working is different with other typical prosecutor, Kuryu dresses casually and ignores standard procedures. Amamiya (Matsu Takako) is his assistant. They can't get along well at first. However, Kuryu's brilliant investigations proves to Amamiya. Eventually they fall into the romance relationship. The ending songs is familiar, by Hikaru Utada's Can you Keep a Secret.
About Love is combined with three foreign love stories from 3 places - Tokyo, Taipei & Shanghai. Each pair of lovers doesn't speak the same language. Tokyo: Taipei guy meets Tokyo girl, Taipei: Japanese guy meets Taipei girl, Shanghai: Japanese guy meets Shanghai girl. This kind of mixture is weird but interesting.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Philharmonic Orchestra

Met up colleagues in KLCC in the morning and got the free tickets of Philharmonic Orchestra, 1 hour concert. It's my first time to attend such a performance. Wow, the music was amazing, hopefully next year they will organise again.
It had 4 performance today (12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm), we attended the 12pm & 2pm sessions - Classic Pops and Reel Music. For the first session, our seats were very near to the stage. We could properly see what shoes they were wearing =p. For our 2nd session at 2pm, so lucky that we had the upper circle seats:) It wasn't allowed to snap photos in the hall but I managed to snap some without flash -_< They played the theme songs of Lord of the Rings, Superman, The Lost World, etc. It was conducted by Kevin Field.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tea Lady's daughter wedding

2nd attempts on Malay Wedding - Office tea lady's daughter's wedding. Well, Jojo is Baba Nyonya, so we got some Baba Nyonya food style too.
It's located in a mosque at Kepong Menjalara, right in front of the Taman Tasik Menjalara. The dewan wasn't as nice as Azura's wedding lo~ Azura's one was more happening with some dancing performances compare to Jojo's.
Yeah, collected another wedding guest gift.
Again, followed Zaila, Nimalan & TeongEng to this kind of ceremony. There's other colleauges from other departments as well, eg: Elsie, Kamsiah, Idris, Shikin, Azman, etc.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Souvenir from Bali

Daisy was back from Bali trip. She said the trip was quite cheap... She & her hubby spent RM1.2K for everything, which included airport tax, hotels, food and fun travels.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Malay Colleagues' Wedding

Today was Hasmady & Azura's wedding day in TTDI. They both are working in different departments in our company. According to Zaila, they started close to each other since last year's family day at Sunway Lagoon, Nov 2005. Hehe, yup... sometimes I saw them walk out of the car park together every morning.

What did we bring along to the wedding hall? Me & TeongEng had chosen 2 unique lamps for them, shared by 6 of us. We searched up & down in 1 Utama in the early morning, nearly gave up to buy any. Suddenly we came across a unique shop called 'Pumpkins'. Things selling at there are cheap and unique. So many lamps or house decoration stuff were demo at the shelve, attracting our eyes to get one. While walking around, we saw a shop which sells tortoise, snails & fishes in small beautiful aquariums. To feed the snails is easy, just gave them bread or rice will do. Clean up the aquarium is also quite easy. Nice hobby for some of the colleagues who were thinking on keeping fishes or tortoise in the office. The snails are cheap as well, big one costs RM8 while small one costs RM5.

There wedding lunch will also be held at somewhere near Batu Caves but I'm not attending tomorrow. However, Zaila, TeongEng, Nimalan & Mani will still going. Today's wedding, I saw some of our resigned staff as well.

Guest's wedding gift:

Friday, August 04, 2006

Colleague Farewell

We had a farewell party for YeeLi from Real Estate & Lending Department at Pusat Bandar Damansara's Secret Recipe. It's organised by Daisy who is from Directors Unit. After the dinner, there's another Karaoke Session which is organised by Evelyn from Marketing Department. However, I didn't join the Karaoke session because the rate for night karaoke is quite expensive and somemore til 4am.

There were also many colleagues from Actuarial Department which included Pong, Jonathan, Joelle, Liza and her bf. They joined in quite late because of many workload. So unluckily, all fries were sold out in Secret Recipe that night, we gotta order something which didn't with fries. I ordered the Chicken Kebab with rice and frosty fruit punch (blended with banana, orange and dunno wat fruit, not bad). WaiHong even went to McDonald to tapau 2 packets of fries over =p After dinner, we added some deserts of cakes, 6 slices shared by 10 persons. What a delicious night!

YeeLi is leaving because of wanting to further her master business studies in Scotland, UK. So brave of her, go over herself and hopefully stay over and get a job if possible after earning some at here. While being at there, it's a good chance to explore europe countries as well. Good luck to YeeLi!