Sunday, December 31, 2006

Living Expenses

Sayounara 2006 and welcome 2007!
Approximately spent RM12K in this year which is RM1K+ monthly. Other than insurance, trips & outings/shoppings took part in large amount. Trips included Melaka, Genting, Port Dickson and Jiangnan while misc included family groceries, etc. Although we have received Vitamin B but not Vitamin I yet.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Dinner in Work Days

We all had a steamboat buffet at Sunway's Restaurant Yuen to celebrate last day of working in 2006 '收工酒'. It's RM18.80 per head count, quite worth trying it and there were various seashells & fishballs to choose, so as the BBQ chicken wings.

Friday, December 22, 2006


Today is the last day of my leaves for this year, the rest of 7 days will be carried forward to next year. Today my elder brother is also leaving Malaysia to HongKong to find his friends there for Taipei trip b4 going back to UK. Sayounara!

2 more stamps were collected! Daisy remembered not to throw away and gave it to me:)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

2D1N at Malacca

My brother & I went down to Malacca to visit my aunties.

That 2 days were rainy, thus we couldn't go to some historical places. Uncle brought us to the newly built Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall. Christmas decorations were all around the shops. We found that shopping in Melaka is more worth than KL:) because the prices even cheaper. Hehe, next year can go down to Melaka shop, better. There's an area selling Melaka culture crafts & food - Heritage Gallery.

At night we originally thought of visiting the Portuguese town to see the christmas lights but rain hadn't stopped. Well, stayed at house to see some old photo albums from aunty. I discovered something, never known that my grandpa & grandma visited Taiwan at 1980. The 1st & 2ns from left:

That night me & my brother were separated. I stayed at eldest aunty's house in Durian Tunggal while my brother stayed at youngest aunty house which near to Melaka town. Me & my cousin finished watching a set of old Taiwan idol drama (20 episode) - The Stars of Snow Land (雪地里的星星) by Peter Ho.
Just finished it in 1 hour by skipping/fast forwarding and watch the beauty parts only =p The next day, all of us met together and went to Parkson because the sky was still raining. Wow, it had been raining for 1 night but still hadn't stopped.

My brother & my cousins' sons & daughter:

Came to a shop named 'In-Base', found a T-shirt with a map printed, kinda attractive..... So, I've bought it:) It must be hand-wash because there are many shinny plates sew on it. Wonder what's the map, kinda like south America?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

4th Day of My Leave

While going to aunty's taylor shop to pick up clothes, received 3 calls from office - HuiYing, Daisy & Izah. What a truely bad news! Office monthly parking fees had been raised from RM70 to RM148 next month. The raise is more than 100%, kinda ridiculous. Many of us had discontinued the season parking.

Aunt had moved out from our 1st floor to her new apartment which is nearer to her work place last Sunday. Finally they have their own house, nice living room & own bedrooms.

Tonight dad & elder bro had fly away to Melbourne to attend younger bro's graduation ceremony. Younger bro had booked the Philip Island trip for them. I hadn't visit the island b4 because remembered last time they said the penguins were too small to see from the other side at night, not that worth. Well, due to the fire at Victoria forest, bro said 2/3 of the forest had been destroyed, so there was a lot of haze in the city now. That's why they'd changed to go island instead of Healesville forest.

Tomorrow gotta face the reality again, gotta back to office. The office will have some changes after the renovation, I wonder how's the arranging of other departments as well. So many things had been changed in my 4-Day leaves.

Monday, December 11, 2006

3rd Day of My Leave

I never aware that my driving licence had expired 3 months ago. Until today I went to bank and the customer service representative asked for my licence and she discovered it's expired. Wow, I've been driving more than 3 months with an expired licence! So dangerous. I quickly went to Post office to do renewal for 5 years.

- Movie -
Love @ First Note is a typical HK film which hasn't shown in cinema here, starred by Justin, Kary Ng & Alex Fong. Kinda educational in moral, Justin is kinda funny. It's surprise to see that George Lam & Leo Ku took part in that film. More surprise is that the ending broadcasts the song of 痴心绝对 in Cantonese. Well, the story is so so, just that it has Justin and his songs.

Friday, December 08, 2006

2nd Day of my Leave

Shop around Bukit Bintang area today... Need to get some tech stuff.
I've bought a Taiwan brand(Adata, RM159) SD card 150x 2GB for our digital camera. It needs a larger memory because it uses 10MP. My elder brother also bought himself a 2GB thumbdrive, Adata as well.

Times Square > Imbi Plaza > Low Yat Plaza > Sg Wang > Lot 10 > KL Plaza. Xmas trees were all the way...... legs were kinda tired now.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

1st Day of my Leave

This morning my insurance agent had met me and I'd signed up one of their plan. Well, I'm not that clear of the details, it's just a simple endowment+critical illness plan. So, next year I can fill it up on my income tax field.

Since my elder brother just back from UK, I drove him around for shoppings. Our 1st destination was to visit my aunty's new shop and had a greet. Some clothes were handed over by my bro to my aunty for amendments as well, tayloring is quite costly at that country.

Aunty's mobile phone got some problem, I could passed my K700i to her since I received another old mobile phone from my bro - Sony Ericson K750i. However, it has been locked by Vodafone software, have to send to repair shop to reinstall the software only able to be used. It used to be one of my dream phone because of its 2MP camera.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Clear Leaves

Time to clear leave. I'll be on leave on 7, 8, 11, 12, 18(pm), 19, 21, 22 this month. My elder brother as well, he's just back to msia tonight until 22. I received a new digital camera from him - Panasonic Lumix DMC LX2, a pocket-sized dSLR camera:)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Lunch Treats

Last year's departmental lunch we could go out for 2 hrs+ to enjoy western style lunch at a nice restaurant in Bangsar Village. This year our department has been expanded with recruiting more staff. As a result, we could only have simple malay style lunch in the office. Some kuih (yellow jagung kuih, white kuih, ketupat, cakes), spicy fried meehoon, chicken rendang, brown sugar coconut mee and plenty of different favours softdrinks.

This morning I reached office at 6:45am. We had to come in early before everyone started to work. This was because other departments were having renovations during the weekend, it was just completed last night, so we had to move all the PCs back to their seatings and made sure all the PCs were OK/connected to the network. We started from 6:50am to 8:30am to move all the PCs from 9th Floor to 12th Floor and finished connected all PCs properly at 11am. Seeing the sky getting brigther and brigther while moving around. It was kinda fun and tiring. Yeah, phase 1 completed! There will be phase 2 on this weekend, so as phase 3 on next weekend, finally followed by phase 4 on 16/12.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunny's BDay at RedBox LowYat

It's a belated birthday celebration for Sunny who just came back from France/Italy few days ago. Our last Karaoke session was during Chinese New Year, it's a good choice to sing here again. We picked the lunch hour session which its lowest price is only RM10 + service tax, that you get to enjoy 3 hours+ karaoke time, free salad/fruits buffet, lunch set. As I was taking public transport to this crowded Bukit Bintang, so I reached there earlier. As usual, many foreigners will shop around here but in every single corner I noticed there was at least 1 police standing at there, in front of StarHill, Lot 10, along the lorong of Sg Wang & Low Yat Plaza, on the monorail waiting track, etc. Well, there were Christmas decorations in the major shopping complexes here already.

Room 61, our room! This time William Pan is our hit singer because his songs were kinda rap, including 'Turn the World Upside Down'. Other songs in our list, included Kiss Goodbye (LeeHom), 我会好好的(Cyndi), 只对你有感觉(Fahrenheit), 真爱(183 Club), 暧昧(杨丞琳), 一个人的行李、怎样(Penny), 亲亲、勇气、宁夏(Fish), 千里之外、白色风车(Jay), 我们怎么了(S.H.E.), 屋顶(Landy&Jacky Wu), 天空、看我72变、睁一只眼闭一只眼、就是爱(Jolin), 爱很简单(David Tao), 今天你要嫁给我(Jolin & David Tao), 隐性的翅膀、Aurora(张韶函). It's a must to sing MayDay's '终结孤单' since last time Suhsi chosed that song '盛夏的果实' by Karen Mok.

Although it's Sunny's birthday but I also had a gift from her. A souvenir of horse car from volcano rock:
Hoon also gave me a souvenir from Redang Island:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stamps Collection

Today I've added 2 more stamps into my stamp book:) Ngam-ngam 3 birds in this set. It was actually thrown away by Daisy. Now I have asked her to save the stamps for me whenever she receives any. I'm not a stamps maniac but just collect them for fun because sometimes the images of stamp are very beautiful, sometimes even with their history or cultures for that period.

For example: HongKong used to be under England, that's why their old stamps will have the Queen symbol(left 3). After HongKong returned to China, now their stamps are having 'Hong Kong China' (right).

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2D1N Genting Trip

Joined the Genting trip organised by Actuarial dept, we stayed at Theme Park hotel for a night. Due to the Hari Raya peak season, we reached the theme park earlier at 8:30am. Every games wasn't crowded yet until noon.
left: Daisy, me, Liza, Joelle, Pong, Evelyn & Jonathan.

- Bowling Scores -
D(Daisy), B(me), J(Joelle), E(Evelyn)

- Lunch at Tak Fok Seafood -
Liza's bf recommended us to have lunch at KL rather than spending more in Genting. So, he suggested everyone to eat at the Tak Fok Seafood restaurant in Kepong Aman Puri. Well, it's famous for its variety of crabs with reasonable price (1kg = RM18). The food came pretty fast, it normally quite crowded at night. I like its cheese crab and the bread which tasted so deliciously when it melts on the cheese sauce! We ordered the salted egg crab flavor, however it's a bit too dry but still special.
No. 2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100 K.L.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Happy Birthday to Hoon

We celebrated Hoon's Bday 2 days earlier at Menjalara's Taiwan D'licious restaurant. The portion of the food wasn't that much, we managed to finish it easily. Had the KimChi hot pot, SiChuan spice meat balls, fried prawn dumplings, steam dumplings, 1 bowl of ZhaJiang noodle, 2 bowls of plain soup noodle, 1 bowl of spicy soup noodle, red plum cold drink, dark red plum cold drink & cold green tea.
I like the fried prawn dumplings most *Yum-Yum* Everytime after I've eaten the spicy KimChi, the red plum cold drink become so nice in mouth. Hoon's ZhaJiang noodle served with the dried tofu, a bit spicy... very delicious too.

Hoon's birthday present:
Pierre Cardin leather wallet

- Drama -
While finishing the Smiling Pasta, I'm currently also watching another Japanese drama which I copied last year - Ima Ai ni Yukimasu 现在就去看你 (Be with You / I'm coming to see you now). Initially, it actually has its movie. The story is about a mother who dies, but promises to return during the rainy season. However, she has no memory of anything that occurred during her life..... BTW, Monday is a holiday for me, so can continue my drama time. And then the next day will follow the actuarial team to Genting:)

Had got the OST of Smiling Pasta and I particularly like 'Memoir' 纪念 by LiuJia 六甲, 'Sunset' 黄昏晓 by Cyndi and 'Tears of North Pole Star' 北极星的眼泪 by ZhangDongLiang.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Ex-Colleague Wedding Dinner

KamFong left us last year in May. She still invited us to her wedding dinner tonight. See... the pretty bride. Congrats!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Matta Fair

3 of us went to Matta Fair after working hours. We were interested to find out cheap trips for Vietnam, Macau, ShenZhen or HongKong. Ended up, we focused on Macau+ShenZhen. Well, at this moment, there's one trip with RM1361 which includes air ticket, entrance fees, hotel, meals, airport tax, tips, visa. The time to travel is on 27/1/07 but I wonder how's the weather at that moment? What kind of money to change? Who's other possible passengers? Will the places ulu? Will the trip rush? Who will be the tour guide?

After the fair, we & ChaiLan went to a restaurant nearby my house which I have never went in b4, maybe tried out tapau when I was young. u know, the nearer the places around us, we will sometimes don't even go.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

TerryFox Run

It's like a charity marathon for the cancer research. The run started at 9:30am in Lake Garden. We took part for the 3KM walk. Surprisingly, there were many foreigners. It's well-worth to join it because there were a lot of people to watch, fulfilled my eyes desires.
Some kids brought their bikes & roller blades on the track. Someone even run with his little doggy.
Later, we had lunch at TTDI's Chong Thong Kee for its famous Ipoh Ho Fun.