Friday, May 08, 2009

Ipoh Trip cum JK's wedding - Day One

On the way to Ipoh......

We reached Sungkai Hot Springs in the afternoon and it was very crowded due to public holiday.

Suddenly the feel was like being in Hanoi. The weather was so hot and we were walking in the dirt path. HuiYing & NCL under their towel, CJ helped to carry the towel.

The guys continued to play at the mountain pool.

The gang who were back from the mountain pool.

There's a beautiful tree at the Sungkai entrance.

Our lunch at Bidor to try out the duck noodle. The herb soup was very delicious.

Took a photo at the duck noodle restaurant with HuiYing & OYL:

Then we continued our journey to Ipoh to check-in the apartment which CWH booked for us. It was the same apartment he used to book for us 2 yrs ago. Then we had our dinner at Dung Gu Teng.

The mixed fruit ice:



Oyster Sauce crab:

Sour Spicy crab:

Whole table was full of food, too bad that Aren was not able to join us because of flu after coming back from Phuket.

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