Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Opening of Bookstore Cafe in Puchong

It's the 57th Bookstore Cafe opened worldwide by the Charity foundation and it's the 17th in Malaysia. 10% discount on books and 30% discount on drinks until end of Nov:

One of the volunteers sponsored the rental for 12-months, thus the shop could be opened successfully in Puchong. Now the community no need to go to Bukit Bintang branch anymore:

The opening ceremony at 10:30am:

They had opened another Bookstore cafe in Tropicana City Mall on 12 Oct 2011 because the rental was sponsored by an entrepreneur that the foundation only need to settle the water+electricity bill.

Today free drinks and little souvenir were given to the guests:

It's only served with drinks but no food because the food smell would pollute the spiritual aroma of books:

Free drink (either green tea or Roselle Tea):

Decoration on table:

The books were most written by the master of the foundation. The copyright fees and book sold until the charity foundation's backing.

Heathy food product and Environmental food containers for sale.

Previously I had tried the Herbs flavor, so-so only. But I tried the Miso flavor and it's very nice, you still can see the real vege floating, with plenty of seaweed in pieces. This time I would like to try the Assorted Vege flavor, the noodles as told that it's green in color, looks like Udon noodle.

Full Moon bought the Kimchi flavor and exchanged one to me. She also bought many other products. They're considered more healthier than regular instant noodles as no preservatives and no artificial chemicals, using purely natural ingredients, prepared in non-fried style.

Now we have one more new place to work in. Volunteers could check the schedule and work in the cafe.

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Food Product Briefing

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Product Briefing for Volunteers

This time the training was carried out at Batu Caves branch. The food product that we normally sell were displayed on the table nicely. Variety flavours of noodles/rice, biscuits, soup, oat powder, etc:

The food could not keep long (duration 6 months) because it's without Preservative & Artificial additives. They are invented to easily be served during disaster, such as the instant rice that can be prepared with cold/hot water in several minutes. During disaster (eg, flood, earthquake in Japan/Myanmar...), the product will be retrieved and send over to disaster area.

If there's no disaster, the product should be sold as quickly as possible because they could not be kept long. They should always have enough stock for disaster period. Food sold, money will be kept for the Charity foundation's backing.

Tonight the volunteers were given briefing on the food product. They even made demo on cooking:

Ingredient for making vegetarian sushi using the instant rice product:

Sashimi can be replaced with papaya, LOL:

Tonight's briefing became a "makan-makan" session or "cooking" class?! -_-"

Using the Oat powder product can make this?

Oat powder mixed with agar-agar, taste good:

The food are kinda instant and can be prepared very fast and healthy.... hmm, very convenient for busy people. Thanks for tonight whoever sponsored the food :)

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hoon's Birthday Celebration at Daorae Korean BBQ

After trekking in FRIM, we headed to Kepong's Daorae Korean BBQ restaurant:

Hot tea and Seaweed Soup:

4 of us ordered Herb pork and Chicken for BBQ:

Side dishes included KimChi, fresh & crunchy enough:

Vege also very well cooked:

Bean sprouts:

Fried Egg in pieces, inside dunno with what ingredient =)

Black bean:

I like this fruit salad but it just refilled twice or third only:

Kimchi white carrot:

Little fish, so so only because it's not sweet enough and the nuts were not crunchy already:

Spicy cucumber:

We ordered Fried Nin-Gou but kinda spicy:

KimChi Ramen, hot & spicy, just nice:

Our herb pork before BBQ:

Herb pork after BBQ:

After the morning walk in FRIM, we all were too hungry and managed to finish all the food,LOL. All the plates were just clean and nice to wash :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canopy Walk in FRIM

Hoon's birthday...... we went FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia). For car to go in requires RM4 and individual adult is RM1.

Get the Canopy Walk ticket at FRIM Souvenir Shop (D6):

Way up to the Canopy Walk trail (500m):

Waited at Canopy Walkway gate to open at 9:30am (closed on Mon & Fri):

A group photo before starting the walk:

Above the tree tops:

Nobody on the walk because the visitors forgot to buy the ticket before coming up:

Spacing between each other should be at least 2 wood path (2m):

Took our own sweet time to find good spots for photo:

The walk was quite short (200m) and suspended between trees about 30m above ground:

Sunny & Janet:

The walkway is open everyday from 9:30am until 1:30pm:

Down to waterfall trial, can only listen out to sound of forest and waterflow:

Meditating beside river?

Our last visit to FRIM was also during Hoon's birthday:

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