Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Daisy

Me & Daisy met up at Mid Valley. It's her belated birthday treat. She always like to try out the spaghetti from Pasta Zanmai. She recommended me the Asari to Kinoko no Soup Pasta but I pointed wrongly to this Asari to Kinoko no "Spicy" Pasta:

Today I felt like eating spaghetti. スパゲッティをすき。

Here came her Tappuri Vegi Soup Pasta with Curry:

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Promotion & Birthday Celebration at Jogoya

Thanks for Gerlin & HuiYing to take out RM100 each to treat us upon their promotion from senior analyst programmer to Assistant Manager! Ended up we only need to pay RM39 each person to enjoy this Japenese buffet. 昇進おめでとう!本当にありがとう!

It's also birthday celebration for Gerlin, double celebrations!!

Jogoya is having discount promotion for HSBC credit cardholder where we could buy one free one meal (Mon - Thu). 買物1自由に1、安い。

So, we rushed to bukit bintang traffic jam area after working hour.

My first time to try fresh oyster. Ok, I still could stand it after squeezing a lot of lemon on it. カキをー度も食べません。

Prefer baked oysters or baked snails:

more & more food hunt...... いろいろな食べ物。

what a food adventure, so tempting...... おいしい。

Get some drinks, what about cocktail? Here I'm standing in front of the 4 flavours of cocktail pot, tasting them one by one with little sippings. いろりろなカクテルをすき。

Why is this picture so shaky? but I'm not drunk yet.

Nice, nice, nice...... Keep eating & eating before 9:30pm.

Pei Chi & CJ:

NCL asked to prepare a bowl of shark fin:

Finally, it's dessert time. Ong chosed 3 flavours of cakes for Gerlin's birthday. デザートの時間。

Pei Fen, Hui Ying & Gerlin were standing at the New Zealand Natural ice cream stand, choosing their ice cream flavour but finally they decided to go for Haagen Dazs. Well, I'm more fond on New Zealand Natural's mango sorbet :)

Let's have some group photos after the dinner:


Thursday, March 25, 2010

After a Storm Rain

Me & my colleagues always park our cars illegally at the free space outside of the bungalows in Damansara Heights which is about 10mins walk to the office. This evening after a heavy stormy rain, on the way to pick up our cars.....

The big tree in front of the house of 白发魔女 fell down and knocked a car. Thank god it's not our cars, phew~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Souvenir from Mulu

Ming Li came back from Mulu, Sarawak. She was away for a week with her sister to do trekking on Mulu caves national park. They also passed by Brunei. Here she bought us each a small packet of Crystal Algae Sea Birdnest (海藻燕窝):

She even printed the steps of how to consume:

Gonna find a weekend to test cooking it =p

Monday, March 22, 2010

Souvenir from Toronto

Sean & Jerry were sent to Toronto for training for about 2 - 3 weeks. Received a key ring souvenir:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Choi Yeng's Wedding Dinner

Choi Yeng contacted us to her wedding dinner through Facebook. Almost 10yrs we didn't keep in touch since high school.

Dinner at Restaurant Oversea (Sri Petaling):

First dishes......

We were arranged to such a good number ^_^

I met my colleague too. With Santhi, dressed in same colour too:

Janet.... checking out wedding photo?

with Sunny, Janet & Zing:

Congrats Choi Yeng!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old Town again

After badminton session in the afternoon, yum cha at Old Town White Coffee again.

Hoon continuously could join us for this 2 week :) As usual... me, Janet, Sunny & Zing still can make it on time =p

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Black & White Night Annual Dinner

This year our company annual dinner was held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre with the theme of 'Black & White'.

Before the dinner started, there were free tattoos & caricature.
Up: The black tattoos girls (4 of us having the same tattoo patterns).
Down: with Yogeswari (one of the best costume of the night).

Group photo at my table:

The best costume contest in black & white:

Pei Fen was chosen during the Table Dance session:

They must dance on their table:

Group photo again, more people joined in:

HuiYing, me & Gerlin:

L: me & PeiChi. R: Brandon & I, he was fortunate to attend Msia's annual dinner before going back to HK on the next day. Luckily didn't grab away our grand prize -_-"

L: with Terrence (the male best costume of the night).
R: with OYL who almost got drunk:

The best group photo that I had in my camera with great smiles:

Brennan, NCL, CWH & CJ were showing their tattoos:

Annual dinner door gift:

I had been working in this company for 5 years, this is one of the 5 Years Service Award gift that I had chosen. Yen Hong chosed the Casio brand watch while Gerlin picked a tiny gold pendant.