Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farewell Lunch at Swez Brasserie

Farewell lunch at Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel, PJ:

The dessert looks very beautiful:

Fruits such as Papaya, Orange, Melon, Banana, Melon......

I like the Chicken Soup with herbs:

The Vietnamese Springroll was just so so:

Check out the cakes:

The Mango Yogurt cake tasted very nice:

Ordinary Red Velvet:

The Japanese Cheese cake was not bad =p

Picked 2 pieces of Dragon Fruit for final:

Group photo with my colleagues:

Nice background :)

We received Thank You card too:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinner at Zakuro

Me, HuiYing, NCL & Sean+JS bought the coupon to Zakuro Japanese restaurant (Plaza Mont Kiara) earlier in April:

It's RM12.90 for each set (with refillable Green Tea). This was my Chirashi Sushi, the sashimi was quite fresh and the sushi rice was just nice & sweet:

While my colleague had the Pan Grilled Seafood served with Fried Rice was just so so:

We all shared the Add-On of Yose Nabe in claypot RM15. It's just an ordinary vege soup with little seafood only.

The restaurant environment:

Magazines for reading:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Buddha Bathing 2012

The 46th Anniversary...... This year held in Stadium Bola Sepak, Cheras (opposite HUKM).

The ceremony of Buddha Bathing & celeb of Mother's Day.

Ceremony started at 7:30am - 8:30am.

Public were allowed to go down the field from 9am - 11am:

Place your donations that were collected in your Bamboo Bank:

Plants for sale (盆栽义卖):

Friday, May 11, 2012

Shadows of Love Pre-Screening session

Me & HuiYing went for the pre-screening of the movie - Shadows of Love (影子爱人). Before the show, we had dinner at Taiwan Recipe. My Crispy Fish Noodle (RM11.90):

HuiYing's LouShuFan (RM12.90):

The free tickets from Spotlite magazine:

It's kinda fairy tale, good looking casts by Kwan Sang Woo & Cecilia Cheung.

Poster & Theme Song of Shadows of Love

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


This Live album was released on 7 Feb 2012. It was recorded from Jam Hsiao's Hong Kong concert in Aug 2011.
『有一種精神叫蕭敬騰』 世界巡迴演唱會 香港紅磡站

It includes 2 CDs and 1 DVD:

The DVD also included his concert rehearsal, interviews at his home with his 2 daughters (cats).

I find that photos that were taken by his fans are even better than his photographer. Anyway, in this booklet, it has many photos. Guy wears wedding gown is also very gorgeous:

Music Conductor with Golden suit:

蕭敬騰 - 親密愛人MV

Particularly like his Tuxedo. Behind the suit still have his big face.

The concert was held on Chinese Valentines Day, so he bought us the 每天爱你多一些 which the interaction between him & the fans was so joyful, wish I were there.

My favourite track is 忘情森巴舞 because I hardly see Jam dance so lively and he looks great in this yellow shining suit:

这张DVD看了真的很欢乐。偶尔自己说了的话,自己还要偷笑,超有喜感,还有那几句一直用广东话问候大家,要笑shi 我啦~
谢谢萧DD一直以来带给我们欢乐!最近还会跟大家draw something,轮到你了没?XD

蕭敬騰 - 白蛇傳MV

I had ordered his coming album (Mr.Jazz_A Song For You) which will be releasing on 9 May 2012. It will be sending over from Taiwan very soon. Oh! Yeah~
Check it out from Warner Store

Jam's coming concert in May 2012:
Sydney (11th), Melbourne (12th).

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