Sunday, October 23, 2016

Korea Trip Day 7 - Seoul

[11 Oct 2015] We stopped at Hyehwa Station, walked through Daehangno Street.

We reached Ihwa Mural Village (梨花壁画村).

On the way back to Daehangno street, there was Sunday Market:

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Korea Trip Day 6 - Seoul

[10 Oct 2015] Early morning 8:30am we requested our hostel to arrange 2 taxi to fetch us to Jeju Airport. Our flight from Jeju to Seoul depart at 10:40am. We reached Gimpo Airport at 11:45am.

It took us some times to find our way to Guesthouse in Seoul. We check-in Seoul Namsan 5 Guesthouse at 1pm.

Then we headed to Hongdae for lunch. Ordered this Dumpling noodle (₩4000):

Hongdae Saturday Free Market

Continue walking to Sinchon and Edae (Ewha Womans University).

Street food - Red Bean pie

Dinner at Myeongdong 明洞全州中央会馆拌飯

Our Bibimbap and Seafood Pajeon pancake with 4 bowl of white rice (₩36000):

Night shopping around Myeongdong

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