Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lou Sang

Departmental lunch - Lou Sang & Chicken rice at Kelana Jaya.
捞啊~ 捞啊!They said this year roaster will have better luck?

- Movie -
Over the weekend, I watched a movie - Vitus. At first the story is very boring and it's talking in a foreign language because it is a Swiss/German film. Somemore the music effect isn't strong enough to attract people to continue watching. But I've finished the story..... Vitus is a kid with very high IQ, he is a genius. His parents want him to become a professional pianist and send him to music school where he studies with those elder students. Soon, he's tired of his amazing abilities at his young age and find ways to become a normal kid. He has a dream with his grandpa, that is to fly on the sky. He uses his grandpa's name help earning money from share markets. He helps his dad to become CEO. He falls in love with a lady that is much more older than her...... He finally became a successful classical pianist.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thaipusam Holiday

Early morning abt 4:30am, the crowd of people who participated in the walk of Thaipusam had passed by the street in front of my house.
After the walk, the street were full of rubbish when I drove through it to work. Thank god tomorrow it's a holiday in KL because we'd continuously to have a holiday each week since X'mas, except last week.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

星光二班十強 came out with their new MV already - 你們是我的星光 Season 2 isn't as interesting as season 1 where the singers also not that tough as season 1.

Season 1: 星光幫十強 - 因為我相信:

Season 1: 星光帮十强 - 终在我身旁

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sungai Gabai waterfall

Today is a public holiday, just nice to have a day trip. Me, Gerlin, ChaiLan, Aren, HuiYing, CWH+gf, NYH+wife and PLS decided to have a natural waterfall jacuzzi again in Hulu Langat Sungai Gabai waterfall.
The sunshine in the morning.
The waterfall is flushing so fast!

Some people made the stones to stand up on the rocks of waterfall.
A shakey photo shot when coming down hill.
Today we spent a lot of time eating. First we had breakfast at somewhere nearby Aren's house. Later picnic in Gabai Waterfall. Afternoon's cendol & dried curry wantan mee. After movie of 'The Name of The King' in the Mines, we went to Kajang for sate (HJ Samuri).
Aren(left) who wanted a photo to be posted here. He is today's tour guide because he's very familiar with Cheras & Kajang's areas where he grew up at here.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Learning Japanese

Me & Daisy had signed up to learn Japanese after working hours twice a week. Today our sensei is a japanese lady - Tatsumi. She is very beautiful, her smile is so pleasant. My classmates are more college students & a few working adults only, they all looks so young. We saw that other intermediate classes are more of working adults rather than ours beginner class.

The school day time is for pupils who wanna go study in Japan, a place for them to study Pre-U before going abroad, where there's japanese restaurant, travel agency, libraries, computer lab. There's also a japanese kindergarden. The Japan club of KL is also located at there but you need to pay about RM66 per month to be the member. Part time students like us are not allowed to use their libraries unless we pay extra, we are only allowed to use the limited resources library.

Although it was the first class but the students all were already very expert, seems like they've already had the basic from watching dramas or other channels. Me & Daisy were shocked that how come they'd already known. Our sensee only communicate japanese with us. If we don't understand, she will show us pictures or will do the actions. Well, seems like I gotta brushed up more new words & remember the Hiragana clearly.