Friday, November 25, 2005

celeb Bday at Pizza Hut

Today, 21 of us went to Pizza Hut to celeb PeiChi's bday. Hardly will have such big group. Around 10:30am, we phoned a cake house at Sri Hartamas to order a Triple Fudge cake. They delivered on time before lunch. Aunty tea lady also paid us a visit today, brought along egg tarts, tasted a lot of food today:)

The row of shop which I'm staying, the water meters were stolen during midnight. The water kept flowing out all day. We'd replaced ours, the neighbour had locked them with chain of locks. Another joke happened this morning when my dad wanna out of the house... the key lock was tersumbat by someone from the street. Ended up using 1 hour to cut the lock. Else I'll need to use the back door to out of house.

Another coincidents, I met Wendy, my diploma classmate. She's been here often to submit fund at customer service center as an agent. If I didn't go down to support a staff PC at customer service center, I would have missed out another chance to met her here. She gave me her name card.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sunway Lagoon

Morning between 9-10am, we were required to collect our Sunway Lagoon entrance tickets and meal vouchers sponsored by company. The events included speech, tele-match, lucky draw, etc until 1pm. After that, it's our free activities time:)
This was my first visit into the lagoon. Find that the themepark is kinda small, the facilities are quite okay and not too poor compared to genting park. Everybody rent a single tube and had fun for the water round ring but the water is moving too slow. HuiYing even turned my tube upside down while I was still sitting in the tube, nearly killed me but think back... it's fun~ My colleague lost her contact lens while being wipe off in heavy water pour.
Around 4pm, the sky started to rain. All parks were closed and not able to continue our Dry park, sigh~ Then, just took bath and ready to go back.

Friday, November 18, 2005

celeb Sunny's Bday at Feeling

We brought a cake to Feeling to celeb birthday with Sunny. We reached Feeling 音乐空间 at 9pm, still have many places to choose and sit, but the sofa seats were not available. I ordered spaghetti as dinner and a cup of Guang Liang's favorite HongZaoJuZi tea. Sunny and Janet ordered MoliHua tea, as influenced by the TVB show - 一杯花茶. We thought Hoon already had her dinner, however she still ordered chicken white rice with her apple tea. While waiting for our food, the 2 singers were ready to go up the stage and intro themselve. I find that the vocal of the female singer is a little like Fish Leong, so we chosed Fish Leong's songs for her to sing but none of hers were selected. We continued to select other songs like Mayday's 知足, YanZi's 天黑黑(She chosed this:p), Penny's 往前飞... Some other people even selected HuaEr's XiShuaShua=p. She also sang our GuDanBeiBanQiu. We thought the guy guitarist won't sing cantonese, but suddenly he could sing one. He also sang one of our favorite song - Mayday's WenRou!

Because the next day we still have to go to work early, so we ended asked the waitress to carry out our cake with candles. Hoon forgotten to give less candles to the waitress to deco the cake, ended up showing everybody Sunny's age, hahaha~

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Janet's Convo at PWTC

We waited outside of the Hall for Janet to come out after taking group photos. Me/Sunny/Hoon shared a teddy bear as a convo gift. Janet was holding her ACCA and 2 bunches of flowers, pink roses and white BaiHe. Bcoz PWTC is near to Jln Ipoh's Yong Tou Fu restaurant, so we had our lunch there with her family as well. Her baby girl niece is so blur and cute... everybody kept showing cute action to get her attention:p She's just 7 months old :o)
Well, we couldn't celeb Sunny bday on 20th... she's gonna fly to Sydney for 2 weeks to work.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Today we met at Mid Valley, only Eelin, Raveena and I because Ginn wasn't free while Ves was still in Fraser Hill. At last, Eelin gave me the Redang Island photos in a CD.

We sat down at Sushi King for lunch. I ordered the udon noodle and shared the fried tofu with Eelin while Raveena enjoyed her varieties of sushi, Eelin ordered her tempura rice. It has been more than a year we didn't meet Raveena, she has done rebonding with RM300 coz last time her was having curly hair style. She also shared her photos at KL Tower, her colleagues photos and new apartment. She and her family is going to move to new apartment next month, so she is giving away her 3 years old doggy to whom is interested.

Later on, we shopped around here. I bought another new formal shoe at LangShoeGallery with 20% discount, RM39.92. Raveena used her samsung 1.3pixel handphone to snap our pictures. She looked around the shops to find the digital pest Repellant kit but no results. Eelin has chosen a Parker pen for her best friend at Australia as birthday gift. There's one parker pen displayed at the glass with RM2888 but having 50% discount.

Pic: Upper-Raveena&Eelin / Lower-Eelin&I.