Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ginn's Wedding Luncheon

Attending Ginn's Wedding Luncheon......

Royal China Restaurant at Jalan Ampang.
Little wedding gift on the table - 2 love shape chocolates:

Only me & Ee Lin from the college gang. None of the others that we knew, except her mum & grandma.

Ginn & the bridegroom (Eric) were getting ready to walk into the wedding hall with a little girl pouring the red flowers:

The luncheon was planned to start at 12pm but it started at 1pm:

While slide showing of the pre-wedding photos, here came the first dishes of the wedding luncheon - salad prawn, scallop vege, fried fishball with otak-otak:

No shark fin served but chicken soup was the replacement:

Ginn & Eric's families on the stage:

The wedding ended at 3pm. This was the last dessert dishes, tong shui & red bean rabbit bao:
Me & Eelin went over to take a photo with Ginn before leaving.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liang Ying Huat's Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Liang Ying Huat's birthday at FiremanBBQ in The Curve. (Liang = OYL, Ying = LOHHY, Huat = CWH. Last year we celebrated it as Loh Yuen Huat in Station One Cafe).

This time Pei Fen also joined in, also to share the cost =p

They use chicken skin on the BBQ pot as oil, so unhealthy.

Because the table cannot be combined, so we have to split into 2 tables.

Aren also came over to join the dinner:

Me & HuiYing should have kept ordering the 凉粉dessert under the buffet list rather than paying extra for green tea or chestnut dessert.
The choices of food were so limited and they sometimes just repeating the same food that we didn't order.

BBQ on top, in the middle. Then, all the BBQ oil dropped into the lower side of hot water, ewww.... how to drink the soup? Some say the soup became so sweet:

Group photo before going back:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Packet Season

Received red packet from friends & colleagues. One is from my college/uni coursemate - Ginn (27 Sept 2009, wedding luncheon at Royal China Restaurant):

Another is from my colleague - UY (3 Oct 2009, wedding luncheon at Jaya Palace Restaurant):

Then, the 3rd from my colleague - CWH (25 Oct 2009, wedding dinner in Ipoh). この間私にたくさん結婚カードをくれた。9月の終わり、大学友人の結婚昼食会に出席しなければならない。来月は会社の人も結婚します。大変ね、ちょっと貧しくなります。

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Badminton in the afternoon

Zing's 2 guinea pigs:

They are about 1 year old.

Zing managed to book a court in Setapak's Ibu Kota dewan for 2 hours (RM8 per hour).

We haven't gathered for badminton since high school i guess.

Dinner at Red Island cafe. Golden sauce fried rice 金香炒饭:

Fries & Pandan butter toast:

Friday, September 04, 2009

Company Bowling Challenge

Rushed for dinner at Wongkok Char Chan Teng, 1U. My set of Shanghai Noodle with minced pork & sesame. 上海芝麻肉碎面好久没有吃到浆料及口感那么好的面条了:)

Booked 10 lanes for about 50 staff. RM9 for 2 games, RM2 for shoes (Started at 8:30pm - 10:30pm). For every stike, we were given 1 can of 100 Plus while stock last. Champion = RM100.

My team - Crocodile (Jerry, Boon Siong, Me & Yee Shyuan), each member also managed to get at least 1 can of 100 Plus :)

Group photo before going back: