Friday, April 29, 2011

ITIL V3 Foundation - Day 3

Couldn't enjoy much food on today as there's a exam after lunch. It's a 40 multiple choices questions exam, and need to score at least 26 out of 40 or 65%.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

ITIL V3 Foundation - Day 2

After day 1 completed the Service Strategy, today we continued the Service Design. Then followed by Service Transition:

Lunch arranged in a chinese restaurant "唯得一醉" in Intercontinental KL:

Trainer didn't join the group as he couldn't stand of the msg.

The soup was not bad:

The lunch didn't serve with rice but noodle:

Dessert - ice melon:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ITIL V3 Foundation - Day 1

Attending a 3-Day training of ITIL V3 Foundation:

Water, mentos sweets, name card, pocket guide book and notes:

In Tulip ballroom:

8:30am Registration with light breakfast, 10:30am Refreshment, 12:30pm Lunch, 3:30pm Tea Break, 5:45pm Class end.

13ppl & 1 trainer from UK created the above white board.

Buffet lunch at Intercontinental KL - Sushi, western, malay and chinese style.

Bread & Pizza:

First round:

Dessert round:

Fruits section:

The cakes are so lovely but can't try them all:

Orange flavour cake:

more cakes and candy:

It's made of eggs, not cheese:

Didn't try this one:

The best part of the course should be the lunch?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Team Lunch at T-Break Cafe

At ground floor lobby, there's a new cafe opened recently. It's my first time to try out the food here. Most of the cafe here couldn't last long, so let's give it a try before it closes down. Yen treated the Technical Services team :)

This is my Pomodoro Pasta (RM9.90) and Orange Juice (RM4.50). Nothing so special, it's cooked with tomato sauce and chicken slices:

Yen and Kenny ordered the same food. Their Blackpepper Chicken Chop (RM8.90). It seems like not enough sauce for the white rice, kinda dry:

Low's set lunch that served with Ice Lemon tea and Dessert - Primavera Pasta with Blackpepper Chicken Chop (RM12.90). It seems like a combination of my Pasta + Kenny's Blackpepper Chicken:

The decoration of Zaila's Tuna Sandwich (RM10.90) looks tempted:

Chris' Roast Chicken & Mash Potato (RM10.90) looks even more tempted:

Yong's portion looks kinda small - Food Long Sausage (RM8.90). This reminded him about the sausage from Thai's 7 Eleven:

The portion of CSL's Chicken & Mushroom Quiche (RM7.90) was even smaller. Some colleagues commented it's quite nice, really? Forgot to ask my boss:

Well, all dishes here are served with chips but not my favourite fries. Unfortunately Ismal, Ravi & Ila couldn't join us today. The food here are just so-so only, just nice for small eater.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recycle Day

It's third Sunday again - The Recycle Day. As usual they're volunteers sponsor breakfast. Today had porridge, Tong Sui and vege sandwich. Someone brought some material to show us how she made the sandwich. 1 slice of cheese on top of the bread. Followed by vege ham, carrot and cucumber: Then squeezed some mayo on top: Then rolled up the bread. You can put little tomato or strawberry and tighten it with a stick. It looked so nice: The porridge was cooked with potato, carrot, onion and corns: One of the most common recycling materials that people brought over is envelopes. Well, from our daily life we could have received a lot of letters, notices or bills in envelopes: After reading it, you might just throw them away but they could be recycled as White paper, Colour paper and plastic: Recently there's a lot of disasters happening, our mother earth is howling with desperation and warning us. Let's save the environment!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catering from Banana Cafe buffet lunch

My colleagues from other department were promoted, so we were invited to a buffet lunch. They had catered food from Banana cafe: Yellow rice, fried mee, spicy chicken, mushroom sauce lamb, spicy eggplant, green curry fish, broccoli vege and sour cucumber salad. Thanks for a great lunch & great chat. Dessert of chocolate cake, papaya, pineapple and fruits drink:

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Birthday & Promotion Celebration at Seoul Garden

It's multiple celebration for this round. Birthday for Gerlin & CJ, promotion to assistant manager for NCL, YGH & Pei Fen and myself as senior. 4 of us who got promoted will need to take out RM100 each to treat the gang. Korean food again...... Seoul Garden at 1U. The buffet dinner is RM35.88++ and free flow drink is RM3.99. The choices of food was quite limited. 6 flavours of ice cream only: Different kind of meat balls: Mushroom & meat for BBQ/Steamboat: Side dish were not bad but very less choices - cucumber, bean & carrot. It didn't have our favourite little dry fish. Each table can have 1 flavour as steamboat soup. My table was tom yum soup, another for chinese herb soup & kimchi soup (taste like tomato soup): Salad...