Saturday, November 21, 2009

Accommodation of Siem Reap trip

While we were in Siem Reap, we stayed at Bou Savy Guesthouse.

It is located far from the Pub Street, you may need tuk-tuk to bring you over to the town. But it is nearer to the Angkor park.

Every morning, we will have breakfast outside in their garden.

Waiting for breakfast:

There are only 5 choices of breakfast set. This is bread with fried eggs:

Noodle with vegetable and pork:

Free internet cafe in the garden:

Bicycle for rent from the guesthouse:

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Joint Birthday Celebration for YGH & PeiChi

It's TGIF again. We delayed YGH's birthday celebration almost 2 months because he was in Toronto last month and later we were busy to prepare Siem Reap trip.

Tuscan Chicken Melt - diced chicken, roasted onions & tomatoes all pressed together between 2 slices of buttery bread:

Southwest Adobo Chicken - Roasted half-chicken served with sweet potato fries:

PeiChi's birthday is coming soon and we couldn't celebrate for her because she's joining YGH's family trip to Taiwan. That's why we had a joint birthday celebration.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back from Siem Reap

During the trip, it was extremely hot & sunny. All the temples in Angkor looks almost alike. If don't have the tour guide to tell the history & stories of the buildings, I think we would have just seeing stones. Anyway, I've also almost forgotten the stories.

A group photo at Baphuon when 2 priest walked by.

A must to take this kind of face-to-face photo when visiting Angkor Archaeological Park. You can easily find the faces in Bayon:

Our tour guide - Sokhom, who is a Cambodia Chinese. All the tour guides are wearing similar uniforms in Siem Reap. When some of us wanted to give the kids sweets, he explained that don't give them sweet as this might lead the kids don't want to go to school as they assume they can get free sweets in Angkor. Their education is free. Sokhom has bundles of pencil, he also doesn't want to distributed to kids at here, he rather gives to kids in rural area.

This is a trip that I watch the most sunrise & sunset. This was the sunset in Tonle Sap lake for the 1st day evening.

The 2nd day's sunset at Bakheng:

The 3rd day's sunrise at Angkor Wat:

The 3rd day's sunset at Angkor Wat:

Budget RM1K is enough to cover this trip for 5D4N. It is not cheap to eat in Siem Reap as the cambodian will charge more expensive to foreigners in USD. When I'm back to Msia, I've brought back a pair of brown dirt shoes as the road in Siem Reap was almost not build with tar, that's why the city was full of dirt, we have to wear mask while riding tuk-tuk.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Leaving to Siem Reap

Me & my colleagues (Gerlin, NCL, Pei Chi and her sister Pei Pei) will be leaving to Siem Reap, Cambodia on 7 Nov 2009 morning and coming back to KL on 11 Nov 2009 afternoon. We bought the air tickets from AirAsia since February this year. We will be meeting Ming Li & her 2 sisters who fly 3 days earlier (they are visiting Phnom Penh).

We have roughly plan our 5D4N trip in Siem Reap:
Nov 7: Bayon, Angkor Thom, Terrace of elephant, Lunch, Preah Khan, Neak Pean, TaSom, sunset~Phnom Bakheng.
Nov 8: Banteay Samre, Banteay Srei, Lunch, Takeo, Banteay Kdei, Mebon, Prerup.
Nov 9: Sunrise + Angkor wat (leaving hotel at 5am) Taprom, Lunch, Floating village.
Nov 10: Leisure in Siem Reap + Shopping.
Nov 11: Transfer to airport.

We have booked a tour guide for 3 days to brief us on Angkor Wat temples & history. After comparing the prices with 2 tour guides (Kundate and Sokhom), finally we have chosen Sokhom who recommended by Ming Li's friend.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Terry Fox Run 2009

1 November 2009, 9am, Lake Garden. Had been participating the Terry Fox Run since 2006. This year the T-Shirt is black in colour.

Our company distributed pouch which most of us find it useful to keep our keys & purse while walking. Took a group photo with the water bottles which sponsored by company too.

Same as previous years, walking rather than running because of the big crowds.