Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Souvenir from Taiwan

Veron back from Taiwan, here's my souvenir :) I picked my favourite Green Tea flavour candy:

A closer look at the Little Shoe - 淡水之旅:

This is another souvenir that I got it from a Taiwanese charity foundation that someone prepared and gifted to the volunteers as 结缘品, it's a bookmark:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept Bday Babies' Celebration at Ramen Shokudo

Original plan was to celebrate at Oh! Sushi~ but we were brought to another outlet with same boss -_-"

So, here we were at Ramen Shokudo (吉野食堂), Mid Valley:

Craving for Tempura Bento ^^ (RM18.80):

PeiFen & HuiYing ordered the same thing - Mayo Chicken set:

Birthday boy's Sashimi Tempura set:

Gerlin & NCL also had the same thing - Blackpepper chicken set:

4th year anniversary of celebrating 'Loh Yuen Huat's Birthday:

More: 1st Anniversary, 2nd Anniversary, 3rd Anniversary.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Smurfalicious Night

Friday night, a smurfalicious night.

Once we reached Delifrance in Mid Valley, Veron already there:

We combined tables to sit together:

Bought RM5 voucher from earlier. That included a glass of Sjora drink (mango or pineapple):

The RM5 voucher also included the Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti:

Gerlin & Stephen's RM5 voucher were the Sandwich with Sjora drinks:

Then we headed to the cinema for The Smurf that organised by company. Each of us had the Popcorn & softdrink (small combo) too:


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lunch at Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ

Went to Sri Petaling town for lunch. Simply visited this Korean restaurant - Mi Na Rae Korean BBQ. I like the decoration of the potted flowers:

We were the 1st customer in the morning. The seats at floor looks nice but it actually doesn't have hole to put in the legs ;(

This Korean Ginseng tea is nice but too little in portion (RM5):

The price is reasonable. This Pork Rib soup came with side dishes and white rice (RM18):

Bean Paste soup also came with side dishes and white rice (RM15):

There were 9 side dishes. We didn't bother to ask whether can refill because 2 of us just couldn't finish them:

The Little fried fish was so so if compared to other korean restaurants:

This vege was still okay:

The ordinary Kim Chi:

The ordinary bean:

Hot dog?

We like this fried tohu. Above the tohu isn't chili but it's salty spice. The tohu was just crispy enough:

I like Eggplant, tasted okay:

Fishball with sesame:

I like celery. Just ordinary:

We exchanged our souvenirs from Bali vs Hong Kong:

Souvenir from Daisy's Hong Kong trip. I got a Disney Multiple-Colour Ballpen, Lavender Soap and 4 Facial Masks from SaSa: