Monday, November 28, 2011

Dinner at Black Canyon Coffee

After Laser tag game, we headed to AEON Bukit Tinggi shopping centre for dinner.

We had a malay colleague, so ended up at Black Canyon Coffee for Halal food.

The food was just normal. This was my Green Curry Fettuccine and the curry was quite watery:

NCL's spaghetti was like chinese big fried, LOL:

Chuah's spaghetti was like chinese WatDanHo:

The menu looks attractive but actually it's just so so. Perhaps it's better on coffee?

Laser Tag at Laser Warzone in i-City

We booked coupon from to play the Laser tag game at Laser Warzone in i-City. It's RM27 for 3 games where each game is 10 mins.

Before briefing, we divided our groups and had group photo:

First game score, my rank as #6. 1st game as free shoot on everybody, 2nd game as 2 groups fighting, 3rd game as Base strategy game.

One last group photo with our laser gun ^^

Jam Hsiao Performance in Golden Horse Award 2011

One of the highlight performance on Golden Horse Award 2011 was the turn of Jam Hsiao. 有Hold住全场的架势!

What a big difference comparing 4 years ago when he first attended the Golden Horse Award. 2007年敬腾叫大家一起合唱,2011年影帝影后都跟唱!太强大了~

Jam Hsiao sang in Golden Horse Award 2007:

Once he walked along the star avenue, the fans could quickly identified what's the possible brand of the suit or jewelry/accessories, LOL.

They believed the necklace above was Cartier, LOL. Unbelievable -_-"

Another guess on the suit - DIOR HOMME FW 2003 LUSTER 233, LOL.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lunch at Nyonya Colors

Me, NCL, Gerlin & Stephen met up at Mid Valley for lunch at Nyonya Colors:

My Nasi Lemak Chicken was not bad (RM9.80):

Me & NCL visited the Perfect Lifestyle & Living exhibition in MV, early birds were given a small Tupperware:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Souvenir from Philippine

Colleague went Manila for business trip and distributed this - Philippine Jeepney key ring:

One more Mint KitKat:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recycle Day again

It's 3rd week of Sunday again - The Recycle Day. Today we had Vegetarian Pizza:

Volunteer shared her recipe on how to make Vegetarian Pizza. She prepared the ingredients including pineapples, slices of mushroom, cheese, mayo, vege ham, etc into plastic bags. Put all the ingredients on top of a slice of bread and bake it in oven will do:

Volunteers sponsored porridge and red bean tong sui too. Porridge was cooked with corns, carrots, potatoes, Dong Choi, etc:

We can cut about 1.53kg of CO2 a day by carrying your own food utensils, cutting power, saving water, sharing transportation and having meatless meal:

Switch the air-con temperature range to 26 - 28C, One meatless meal saves 780g CO2.

We create a lot of rubbish everyday. Some rubbish can be recycled as resources such as plastic packages from our daily food product:

While helping to separate the papers and envelopes, today I found a stamp for my collection :) It's Yellow Wagtail:

Recipe on Recycle Day
Working at Recycle Point

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Souvenir from Taiwan

Souvenir from Taiwan by Hui Ying:

Cookie from Chris:

and it's super sweet~

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Farewell Dinner for PeiFen at Kim Gary

Farewell for PeiFen at Kim Gary, Mid Valley.

Whenever I see bitter melon kind of food, I would like to try. This is the Bitterguord Juice but doesn't really taste like bitter melon:

NCL took a photo for us:

PeiFen's Ribena looks like watermelon juice:

Swiss cheese curry chicken:

with spaghetti, good combination.

Keyword "Jam Hsiao"

One of the top 10 keywords which visitors came to my site was by searching "Jam Hsiao". The visitors are from Canada/US as well, instead of Asia. He is having fans from more and more places since his first appearance in One Million Star (超級星光大道, 2007) when he was just 20 years old (30 March 1987).

Jam has a rebellious image with powerful unique vocal that stands out among others. Despite he speaks softly & slowly but when he sings, he is a Man.

He has the soul of rock, wide range of vocal with explosive force. He could sings any genre of songs with his own style. It's simply impressive and touches the audiences.

Other than singing, he plays drums/keyboard piano, photography, sketching. Favourite hobby - basketball. He likes magic. One of his magic tricks to entertain everybody:

His two cats - 东区 & 北灰:

Jam's coming concerts in Shanghai (24 Dec 2011), Singapore (14 Jan 2012), Taipei (11 Feb 2012) and Macau (31 Mar 2012). Concert titled "有一种精神叫萧敬腾",意思就是全力以扑!

He is a Live King!

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Saturday, November 05, 2011

An Afternoon Working in Cafe

Alloted a timeslot (3pm - 7pm) for me to work in this cafe. There are 3 timeslots a day, volunteers could pick 10am - 3pm, 3pm - 7pm or 7pm - 10pm from the schedule.

Attire of white collar formal shirt, black pants and black shoes with given uniform apron.

A glass of free lemon cold water (refillable) are provided for each customer, followed by taking order. Customer could order at least 1 drink if wanted to sit down to read books. Tables with sofa seats are provided power socket for notebooks and wifi are available for surfing.

They spent their own leisure playing chess, doing assignments, reading, online, chatting with friends in the cafe.

more: The Opening of Bookstore Cafe in Puchong

Friday, November 04, 2011

Dinner at Baywatch Café Bistro

Invited to team dinner by other team at Baywatch Café Bistro, Dataran Prima.

My Australian Rib Eye Steak:

VK's Australian Lamb Shank (tasted good as told by most of them):

NCL's Rosemary Chicken:

Choice of assorted ice cream: Triple Chocolate, Fruity Strawberry, Mocha or Vanilla. It's my strawberry:

Evidence of the team dinner :)