Monday, February 27, 2006

French movie

HuiYing passed me a DVD - The Chorus Les Choristes, a French movie. It's been sometime we had not watched any French movie since Amelie which is one of our favourite French movie.
The story of 'The Chorus Les Choristes' is about a music professor went into a school and tried to transform the students through the power of music. He established a choir band... happened in 1948...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Annual Dinner

This is the 2nd year I joined the company annual dinner. It's held at Grand Ballroom, Holiday Inn Glenmarie Subang with the theme of 'Bringing Dreams to Life' - Unity. Friendship, Progress, Harmony, Participation & Dream. We are one of the sponsor of 2008 Olympics in Beijing, so everybody is encouraged to dress in Olympics custome. My dept bought about 30+ of England Jersey to follow the theme. Everyone who joined this dinner is given a white Adidas jacket, kinda huge size for me.

The programmes:

Well, my senior manager was nominated as the 'Star of Employee' this year, yeah~ she deserved it and famous among all staff. Then, my lucky draw number as shown as 156 = no luck! Again, same as last year I didn't get any prizes. Maybe next year, if I'm still in the company =p

I'm proud to be the England team, even our head of dept was also wearing it coz we've never seen him wear as casual as last night. All the while, he was in very strict blue or white attires only. I guess everyone who attended this dinner had a great time and enjoyed the games/performance. Some of them had too much beer seems a bit drunk, they made it like a wedding dinner which kept having 'yum sing'.

Male Olympic Costume contest:

Female Olympic Costume contest:

The Matrix dance show:

Our England Team singing performance:

We dressed in England Jersey:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bday celebration with highschl frens

We(Hoon/Janet/Sunny) went to MidValley's Kiku Zakura japanese restaurant to have lunch. Nice food, delicious~ Sashimi, Udon, Sushi, Soba...

Sunny had booked movie tickets as well - 49 Days. It's a ghost movie, quite worth to watch it. It's acted by Fung Tak Lun and happens during chinese anxient time. The sceneries of Fung's home, water village, is beautiful. It's not a horror movie but there's some part very funny.

My present - Philips stereo headphone:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bday celebration with EeLin

EeLin, my college friend, treat me a lunch at KLCC's San Francisco SteakHouse. I was early to Kinokuniya to read some magazines and travelling books regarding ShangHai. Eelin came later to find out her crochet books.

Busy escalator in front of Kinokuniya:

At first we thought of Chili's Grill but it's too crowded. Among the cafe along KLCC pool, we've chosen San Francisco SteakHouse. I ordered Norwegian Salmon while Eelin had the fillet of Dory.

Fresh & juicy Norwegian Salmon with Teriyaki(sweet) sauce:
Fillet of Dory with Cajun(spicy) sause:
The environment of the restaurant is quiet & peace with beautiful wall drawings. However, only the smoking area is facing the beautiful pool.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bday celebration with colleagues

My malay colleague, Zaila, invited me to have lunch and my colleagues planned to go to Secret Recipe. Zaila called up them earlier to reserve seats for us. I had my fish & chips with SummerTime apple juice:) She even prepared a present for me - Pencil case.
BTW, so touch that my senior manager bought 2 cakes(Banana flavor and chocolate flavor) for me for the first time, so I blow the candles twice. This is because my department has expanded and not enough slices of cakes to share with every staff with a cake.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Some indian drums and trumpets sound woke me up in the midnight. Oh ya, it's Thaipusam tomorrow. They were heading up to Batu Caves through Ipoh road in the early morning, about 3:30am. My colleague, Santhi, had taken a day leave as well.

The whole street in front of my house was full of indian smelt and rubbish:

Sunday night (going back):

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Farewell Lunch

One of my colleague who joined in last year May resigned today. We had a farewell lunch with him at SS2 New Paris chinese restaurant. We were half an hour late back to office =p

Regarding our office renovation, they had taken away the cubicle beside my desk. It looks empty and with less privacy because the area is so open now. Last time me & HuiYing can turn back to chat with each other at any time or laugh like hell because we were hiding behind the cubicle.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lion Dance & February Babies

Office building hired lion dance team. Same as last year, they prepared their equipment b4 I arrived office. The team went thru each floor to do their performance, also walked thru each of our walk path in the office.
Another celebration was there were actualy 6 birthday babies of our dept in this month, including myself:) Well, cakes once eaten it's gone and not so special which we eat it almost every year and not only on our bday, it's just a meaning/小意思.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

movie at KLCC

Sunny suggested to watch My KungFu SweetHeart and booked tickets for us. It's a comedy movie and not necessary to watch at cinema but it's funny la~ I tot of wanna watch Fearless or Geisha at first but just follow the team lo. And can't use my movie coupon coz not GSC and restricted to movies mark with *. After movie, we went to Sunny's house nearby mamak shop to have a drink b4 sending them home.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Redbox & house visiting

We've booked RedBox karaoke for 11am-2pm session and have chosen many new songs, eg: 恋爱Ing+知足 (MayDay), 旅行的意义(陈琦贞), 同类(YanZi), 真善的夏天(张善为), 星光(SHE), 丝路+瘦瘦的(梁静茹), 天空(Jolin), Right Here Waiting (Richard Marks), How Do I Live Without You, etc.

Our next plan was visiting each of our house. We stopped at Hoon family first, followed by Janet & Sunny. Janet passed us the ShangHai trip details:

It's about RM2300, not only shanghai but added HangZhou, SuZhou, WuXi, Nanjing ang Tongli, all together 7 Days. Our team will have 7 people - Janet/Hoon/Sunny/Me and their parents.

Durian Tunggal

2nd day of CNY, we followed aunt to Durian Tunggal, Malacca - our home town. Normally I go back once or twice a year (during CNY & Ching Ming).

A photo with cousin AhZhi who lives here: