Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh Sushi King

My college friends, Veslyn/Ginn/Eelin/Alywin, met up at Mid Valley today. Veslyn suggested Oh Sushi! restaurant. The menu is similar to Nippon Tei.

My Karayama Ramen and Ginn's Pork Mayonnaise Set:

Me & Ves exchanged Bday present and Ginn's Phuket souvenir:

We were also in Sushi King because Eelin & Alywin were late, so this time it's their turn of eating. We had not met Alywin since diploma abt 5yrs! All of us do not change much at all.

A cute boy sitting behind me:

Product intro by Yenn

Last night after work, me and Yenn together with another Yenn's friend... 3 of us met up at Sunway Piramid. We all are in the line of IT support. It has been abt 1 n a half year me & Yenn had not met up because she was too busy on work. Well, this time Yenn wanna intro us a new product at Puchong, somewhere near to the Giant Puchong opposite shop lots.

There are many restaurants or cafe for night life here, eg: Coffee Station no.1 or chinese style tea house, stalls, etc. After the product seminar, all ppl out for drinks and had a more in-depept info on the product. It's an organic food drink named Melilea.

Melilea GreenField organic has the function of detoxifying the toxins in body cells. As they said so, some fat people after taking it 3 times a day for 120 days will see the result of slimming. True? If Yenn tried it, I would like to see the result because she has gain a lot of weight since diploma, she's really a good example if slimming down. If face with many pimples can also try it and no longer need to make up for natural beauty, wonder this can help Yenn. Because it releases the toxins, it strengthens our immune system and prevents modern diseases. It's a vegie enzim organic food from wheat, cabbage, rice, oats, carot, barley, strawberry, ginger, orange, lecithin, celeriac, celery, sweet corn, papaya, dulse, parsley, brussels spout, spinach, spices, soybean, spirulina, etc. But 1 bottle of 458 grams costs RM100+ @_@