Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Passed ITIL V3 Foundation

Company sponsored all IT Support staff to attend ITIL V3 Foundation:

Today the certificate was sent to office.

It came with the examination subject report:

It also attached with an ITIL V3 batch:

During the 3-day course (Day 1/Day 2/Day 3),
at first I was just interested for the food but luckily I still managed to pass the exam -.-!

- Souvenir-

Christine remembered to buy us souvenir during her trip to Koh Samui + Bangkok :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wesak Day's Vegetarian Food Distribution Day

Today's Wesak Day, it's also Vegetarian Food Distribution Day to invite the neighbourhood to join the celebration at Sri Petaling branch.

Today we got to taste variety of free vegetarian food that sponsored by the neighbourhood, some volunteers and friends.

It's a public holiday, I was also free to help selling books/CDs/food container for charity on this event.

Vegetarian food also looks kinda tempting too.

Different kind of meehoon & mee, what a great pot luck day too.


Fried tohu:

Guai Ling Gou:

Vegetarian Glutinous rice:

Everyone lined up for this free buffet lunch:

More food such as Red Bean Tong Sui, Longan Tong Sui, Taufufa, Fried Rice, Guava, Watermelon...... but managed to take part of the food photos only ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lunch at Herbs & Spices

Continued food hunt on the new row of shops in Sri Petaling during the weekend. Went into this Herbs & Spices restaurant:

Ordered their Nasi Lemak (RM4):

Their Ayam Goreng (RM4.50):

The food is just so-so. Here's the location map on their brochure:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lunch at Tang Pin Kitchen

Tried out another restaurant at the new row of shop opposite The Store Sri Petaling - Tang Pin Kitchen:

The interior of the restaurant is not renovated with fancy design. It's specialised in handmade fish dishes in noodles and porridge. It has variety of Tong Sui in small bowl RM3.50 and other small plate dumplings, etc.

This was my Homeland Porridge 鱼乡粥 RM5.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Buddha Bathing Day

The Wesak day is coming soon. I'm a free thinker. It's my first time to participate the Buddha Bathing Ceremony. It's held at Stadium Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya on last Sunday (8th May 2011). It's estimated 10 thousand people to attend - morning session (7:00am) and night session (7:00pm).

Buddha statue were lined up along the grass field:

One buddha statue cost around RM4880:

Lotus flowers were lined up along the water tray:

Little of water was spilt out along the flowers & buddha statue:

Visitors were invited to sign and support eating vegetarian food:

Gift for everyone when leaving the ceremony. One Pink Bao 寿桃 (red bean) and vege siew bao:

Bring your plastic bottles to your nearest recycle point. 61 plastic bottles can be recycled to be 1 eco blanket. The blanket can be distributed to the victims of disaster too.

It was suggested to car pool to the stadium or taking the rented bus from each branch to reduce the carbon and save the environment. Preparation for the night session again:

Night session looks more sacred with the lights on Buddha statue:

When I brought along other races people like indians who attended the ceremony, they were quite curious and happy to follow us on how to pray.

Amituofo... thank god the ceremony was during early morning and at night to avoid the hot sun.

Today the newspaper put up the picture that we formed:

Rehearsal for Buddha Bathing Day

There will be a Buddha Bathing ceremony in Stadium Petaling Jaya, Kelana Jaya on 8 May 2011. Volunteers were preparing the field:

Non members and donators were invited to join the movement. I was assigned to stand on Red 16 and Black 7. Luckily it's my birthday number 16, easy to remember.

We need to follow our numbers & arrows on the field to walk, so that it will form a very beautiful picture motion during the ceremony.

The rehearsal was taken at the night before the ceremony on the next day. We followed the songs and made sure we all step tidily with the correct legs "Left Leg" & "Right Leg"......

I was assigned in the "Line Moving" group, that's mean other people will be following us to move. If I move wrongly, the whole picture on the field will be wrong -_-!! So, they suggested the younger ppl to be in the "Line Moving" group to remember the route.

The lights formed the crystal buddha shine so sacredly.

We will move around the Buddha, pray and touch the water, then pick up a flower and put into our hands (礼佛足、接花香、祝福、吉祥). Follow proper same sequence to form a neat picture motion.

Lotus flower as symbol of Buddha:

Back home rest earlier as we all have to back on the field early in the next morning.

Invitation card: