Thursday, July 30, 2009

Motorcycle on Fire in the Midnight

This morning when I woke up, my younger brother asked me whether I know what had happened last night, did I smell any smoke, did I hear anything in this morning 5am? I wonder what had happened because I really didn't aware of any differences and it's like another normal morning.

He told me that there's a motorcycle parked in front of our shop house, suddenly on fire. He only heard of tayar bombed sound, heard firefighter vehicle came here, then he woke up and smelt burned tayar smoke and the motorcycle was already burnt. Neighbours woke up, mum & dad also woke up but only I was still sleeping because didn't hear anything at all. Maybe I had been so sick for this 1 week+ and really went into the dead-sleep mode, not sure I'm having H1N1 because my symptoms were so alike.

When I came down at 8am while going to work, only I noticed this. My younger bro's car was just right beside it and his car plate was heated with some burnt spot on it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Broga Hill

Gathered at office in the early morning 4:30am to go Broga hill with colleagues. The journey to Broga from office took us about 1.5hours. We started to climb the Broga hill at 6am and by the time I reached up to the hill, it's already crowded with people.

There were a few routes to go up the hill and we accidentally took one of the hardest routes with some slippery steep steps that made part of us thought of giving up halfway.

Came up here, of course have to take photo of lalang.

Half of the gang continued going up the hill while half of us took our own sweet time to rest and to take photos.

NCL, me & PeiChi were looking far away from hill:

I'd wanted to take a jumping photo:

Thank god I'm here. 躺在高山边缘中的感觉:

Group photo before we walked down the hill:

After coming down from Broga hill, we continued to visit the rabbit farm (RM5) that located opposite of Broga hill.

Feeding rabbit with carrot:

I looked so shocked when feeding the horse with carrot:

Later we had lunch at 石水烧鱼 for ikan bakar, then visited Sek Na Tuk temple before going back home.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Day trip to Tzu Chi Melaka

HuiYing was studying Chinese Calligraphy in Tzu Chi KL branch. Her semester ended and was having a graduation trip to Tzu Chi Melaka. Me and NCL joined her trip on Sunday. Our breakfast was this delicious bread which was made by one of the students from baking class.

We reached Bukit Bintang in the early morning to catch their bus departing at 7:15am. Around 10am we were out from Alor Gajah and reached Tzu Chi Melaka.

We were given a small cloth bag to keep our shoes before entering their building because we were not allowed to wear shoes in their building.

We were guided to their open area to interact with their clubs. This is their Japanese class section.

The tea culture class:

The violin group:

Designs from their pottery class students:

Hand made from the Paper Clay class students:

Then their graduation ceremony started, giving certifications:

The 古筝 performance by students. The left most student in blue colour shirt is HuiYing's Chinese Calligraphy teacher:

After lunch, we had a tour to visit around their buildings (the big hall, recycling centre, etc):

Visiting their clinic but no more doctors working on Sunday afternoon:

Their Jing-Si Book Cafe:

So many books for sell, so as stationary:

NCL and HuiYing in front of Tzu Chi Academy:

The building looks so new and well renovated.

After a day trip, we finally understand what this charity society is about. On the way home, they were promoting their own 大爱 TV (6 channels, somewhat like Astro but broadcasting moral/ buddhism/ their society news, etc). They were also pursuing us to become their members, helping the poor, donating money.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Belated Birthday for Aren at KimchiHaru

Our initial thought was going to Jaya One's Fireman. But everybody changed mind after reaching there. The decision was on Aren's hand - KimchiHaru.

The starter of salad (very nice) + kimchi can be refilled:

Ordering 2 main dishes can get 1 free tiny dish & korean tea:

The birthday boy in the middle:

PorkBul-goki (RM17.8), the slices of meat is very thin & sweet, also very nice:

KimchiBul-goki (RM18.5):

Bul-Goki BiBim-Bab (RM17) & Kimchi BokUm-Bab (RM13.5):

Soon-dubu Jigae (RM15) - Silky soft tofu with wholesome fresh seafood boiled in a spicy broth, served with rice and banchan:

There was another gang of people also celebrating birthday with cake & candles. Then a korean family friends at the other side.

- Souvenir -

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Valen Hsu's new songs

許茹芸 - 一有愛就走吧:

許茹芸 - 和你一起:

許茹芸 - 另一半: