Saturday, November 12, 2011

Keyword "Jam Hsiao"

One of the top 10 keywords which visitors came to my site was by searching "Jam Hsiao". The visitors are from Canada/US as well, instead of Asia. He is having fans from more and more places since his first appearance in One Million Star (超級星光大道, 2007) when he was just 20 years old (30 March 1987).

Jam has a rebellious image with powerful unique vocal that stands out among others. Despite he speaks softly & slowly but when he sings, he is a Man.

He has the soul of rock, wide range of vocal with explosive force. He could sings any genre of songs with his own style. It's simply impressive and touches the audiences.

Other than singing, he plays drums/keyboard piano, photography, sketching. Favourite hobby - basketball. He likes magic. One of his magic tricks to entertain everybody:

His two cats - 东区 & 北灰:

Jam's coming concerts in Shanghai (24 Dec 2011), Singapore (14 Jan 2012), Taipei (11 Feb 2012) and Macau (31 Mar 2012). Concert titled "有一种精神叫萧敬腾",意思就是全力以扑!

He is a Live King!

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