Wednesday, October 26, 2005


HuiYing asked what I was surfing, places of Korea such as Mt.Sorak and Lotte World but she said within next year or so might not able to go yet. hmm... then I started to consider Sunny/Janet/Hoon's ShangHai trip, dunno still can join or not. I surf for ShangHai photos, discovered it's a place which combined with eastern & western + old china city style, very owesome~ The ZhuJiaJiao kinda like river city of venice, haha~ but it's not. The XinTianDi scenary kinda beautiful and relax as italy street with coffee sits.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Shopping Day

We celeb Hoon's bday one day earlier and had shopping in Time Square. Hoon and Janet were back from company trips. Hoon was back from Cameron Highlands, so each of us got a keychain, I chosed the red bear. Janet gave me a phone deco string from Bali.
4 of us shopped from 3:30pm until 10pm, got addicted. I spent about RM130 for clothes, shoes, bag, dinner and Hoon's BodyShop fragrance gift:
Romp dark green & black color shirt - RM39.90
Thai style casual bag - RM20
Working black shoe - RM31.92
Luccini Slipper - RM10

We had dinner at 6:30pm and chat until 8:30pm at ChiKuHo Ramen, I ordered their Taro set ramen with sesame soup and dumplings. The waitress kept refilled our green tea whenever finished. Bcoz the Cosmo's theme park is above us, it gently vibrates the restaurant, kinda like sitting in any of Japan train station roadside ramen stall:p We planned to celeb Sunny's bday at Redbox on 20Nov, right after my SunwayLagoon family day. Hmm... I should also take leave on 21Nov lo~ Well, next Monday 24Oct I also wanna clear my leave:) Tonight I be their driver, hehe~ got chance to fetch Sunny back home.

Listening to ChooiFong's CD - So Penny.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Vietnam Kitchen

Colleagues suggested to go OctoberFest at 1U after work. By the time we reached the New Wing Rainforest at around 7:30pm, here were too many people lined up for the EuroDeli food which people took their sausages themselve into plastic plates like being in cheap style buffet only, the RM1 coin beer had finished too.

11 of us decided to go to Chili's but it's also very crowded. We moved to Dragon 拉面小龙包 but 11 seated table was fulled. Finally, we settled ourselves at Vietnam Kitchen, ordered the Set Meal F. After enjoying our dinner with full of joy... the bill was out of our expectation (RM270+). I had the 冰冻马蹄 drink, kinda special:p

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Curve RedBox

Early morning 10:20am I reached PeiChi's house and fetch her to the Curve. Tesco parking is free, so we just parked there. The parking lots kinda full, so many people already out for shopping in the early morning le~ but we still managed to find a parking lot:) Because our K session starts at 12pm, so we walked around to find where is Redbox, hmm... in a deep corner where not very obvious for everyone to see. Right beside Kim Gary but Kim Gary is also like a deep forest le~ the glass like covering the shop name, hide ppl to see inside like that only. Outside of Redbox got a bridge connects to Ikano Power Centre, first time visit here. oh~ so many furniture shops. ahuh~ the single beds are so small, me and PeiChi also agreed. Down stair also got branded things on sales but still expensive. We entered a video shop, PeiChi pointed at Lovers in Paris, her house doesn't have TV to watch, ok I can borrow her my VCDs to watch at hometown. 11:45am it's time to walk over to RedBox.

Once we entered our room 17, HuiYing also reached here... started to choose my songs - JJLin's Freezed & Mermaid (冻结,美人鱼), Elva's Most Familiar Stranger (最熟悉的陌生人), Penny's WangQianFei (往前飞), FishLeong's WoXiHuan (我喜欢)... then the other guys had arrived. The service here not very good if compare to SgWang or Sunway Pyramid, nobody came in to order food and also served in late. Nearly end of the session, the remote control also not functioning, had to press at the main TV there. Nvm la... going to end lo~

After everyone dismissed... me, HuiYing and PeiChi headed to Dome. haha, we sat outside and didn't pay anything... HuiYing got a voucher to drink coffee and cake. She shared her small piece of tiramisu cake with us. yo~ we didn't pay anything... the waiter still automatically served us 3 glasses of plain water which we didn't ask for. When we walked off Dome, they also thank you us wo~ Then we did a grocery shopping at Tesco before going back. I got my Kuaci, Hapi Rice cracker and sweets. She said Kuaci is for old people to bite while watching TV, huh? I also bite when watching TV.
Janet already got Hoon's present... no need to look here lo~ *Looking forward* next weekend's hoon bday... *yeah*

Just now online... msn with younger brother. huh?! thief broke inside his house, stole their laptops. aiyo~ Fujitsu P3, Toshiba P4 & one more. They was out at 10am Wed, nobody at home. About 4pm, his housemate's brother called them their house was broke in. Stolen 3 laptops, handphone, watch and other mobile stuff. They believe the thief came in about 12noon, somebody heard their back door glass got bang. Reported police.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Train Man

11:30am me and my colleague HuiYing lined up at TGV KLCC for Film Festival free movie - Train Man, a Japanese movie. The cinema was just half occupied, eventhough the tickets were all given out, because some people taken 4 tickets but turned up 2 persons. Train Man is about a love story, an unconfident guy met her in bullet train... he decided to take up his courage to win the girl's heart... All his online friends adviced him how to please this girl... change fashion, do research on restaurants, taken notes on what topic to talk with the girl, etc. What wins the girl is - A sugar is not just a sugar, An E-mail is not just an E-mail. I like the background music of this movie and also the ending when the girl explain why he touches her. But me and my colleague also don't really like him, if you see already... you might also agree lar. After the movie, we were not able to get the next show - Shutter. So, we bought sugar&tea flavor cinnamons for a drink at the StarBuck Coffee before going back.

Afternoon Tea Time at Starbucks