Monday, May 28, 2007

Back from Cherating trip

Just back from Cherating 2D1N trip on Saturday & Sunday (26&27). We were in a fishing village taking photo:

This was the resort that we were staying - Suria Cherating:
Enjoyed coffee & roti bakar in the famous Hai Peng Kopitian in Kemaman town:
Group photo at the Turtle Santuary in the afternoon:
We were so lucky that the Turtle Santuary had the little turtle going back to sea performance at night, we had a group photo by using Catherine hubby's camera:
Kites were flying high up to the blue sky freely:

It was my first time to fly a kite.
Waiting for the sunrise in the early morning. We managed to wake up early at 5:30am although we had beer session at late night.
Of course I wanna take a photo with the sunrise:

The golden color yolk rised up:

Group photo after the sunrise watching session at the seaside:
Playing in the water with the morning sun:
After check-out, we had seafood lunch at a seaside restaurant at roadside. The trip was quite enjoyable & memorable. It was well organised & full of activities.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hoon's Convocation

Congratulations to Hoon! She finally got her cert of Secretaries & Administration. Her convocation was held at PWTC this afternoon. Me, Sunny & Zing shared to buy her a cute little teddy bear. No flowers from us, she had received bunches of flowers from her sisters & her office. The afternoon was raining heavily, we couldn't go out to celebrate for her, we sat down at a restaurant in the hotel and have some drinks while waiting the rain stops. It was a gathering since chinese new year, too bad that Janet wasn't able to join us today. Well, we will gonna meet up again next month to celebrate Janet's birthday.

- Movie -
Miss Potter (2006) by Renee Wellzeger, an English oldern days story about the famous artist - Beatrix Potter. It's the cartoon that we used to watch during childhood that we had already forgotten:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Souvenir from Medan

MingLi back from Medan trip and bought us key ring souvenir. It's like local souvenir that we can find it in M'sia... So, other than Sabah, now I have a fatty Lake Toba ribena:)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Souvenir fromSiewLee's - phone pouch. She was just back from Sarawak.
PeiChi, my fellow colleague, was having vacation at Perhentian island, she bought us dolphin ring as souvenir.