Saturday, October 31, 2009

DF0052 Gathering at Alexis

Gathering of Class DF0052 Diploma in Computing & IT. DF0052 stands for Diploma Fulltime, Year 2000, 2nd Week of May.

Because of Facebook, we are linked together again. Gathering in Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar, The Gardens.

Lunch time, not much people yet......

Pasta with lots of clams:

Pasta with basil pesto:

Mushroom & Chicken Pie:

Fish & Chips:

Chang, upgraded to become a father, with his 6-month-old daugther:

Sandwich & Chips:

Nasi Kerabu:

Group photo.

Monday, October 26, 2009

CWH's Wedding Dinner in Ipoh

Nearly 20 people from my department applied leave because of attending CWH's wedding dinner in Ipoh. He arranged apartment & hotel for us to stay for one night.

Arrived his house in Ipoh on Sunday afternoon 3:30pm to watch the ceremony before check-in to apartment.

Then we dressed up & went for his dinner in Restaurant Kok Thai.

All the serving of dishes were very large in portion, ended up many tapao the food back home.

Yum Seng session:

After dinner, Richard organised Bombay event again -_-"

The next morning, we were late to meet JK for breakfast. He showed us the way to Foh San Dimsum.

After buying Ipoh Hiong Beng, we went for white coffee before heading back to KL.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hoon's Birthday at T.G.I. Friday

Me, Janet, Suhsi, Sunny & Zing celebrated Hoon's birthday at T.G.I. Friday in The Curve. We ordered 3 main course, 3 appetizers, 2 desserts, 6 drinks, shared by 6. After lunch, continue for movie session - Inglourious Basterds. During the movie, half of the conversation is almost speaking in German & French, gotta see the subtitles -_-"

Appetizer - Fried Mac & Cheese:

Appetizer - Buffalo Wings with celery sticks:

Appetizer - Clam Chowder, blended with celery, garlic, scallion & potato:
Main course - Cajun-Fried Chicken Salad, served with tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, cheese, etc:

Main course - ordinary Fish & Chips:

Main course - Chicken and Shrimp Diablo pasta:

Mini dessert - Mocha Latte & Snickers Treat:

The waiter & waitress came to wish Hoon happy birthday:

Hoon used the chili sauce bottle as microphone to give us a birthday speech instead of singing to us:

Then, we all sing the birthday song to Hoon:

Thanks for Hoon to sacrifice herself to get this slice of birthday cake for free.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Souvenir from Toronto

Received souvenir from colleague - YGH, having training in Toronto office for the past 2 weeks. He mentioned that each batch worth RM2.50, that we should give him back the same value of souvenir when we were back from Siem Reap next month.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

单无双 & 卢卡斯 My Queen promo tour

Few months ago, me & my colleagues had been sharing the taiwanese idol drama - My Queen (败犬女王). This time they came to Sg. Wang:

鳖女 单无双(杨谨华):

打工达人 卢卡斯(阮经天):

nice dress......

节目当中少不了播放片头曲 - 梁静茹的"没有如果"

Not buying any of their DVDs for signature session. One DVD set was selling cheaper than normal price, RM80 -_-"

Drama 开场白:"她,单无双,全力奔驰三十三年,不曾让任何人跑在前面,成功的事业,质感的生活,但回头一看,追她的男人,只剩下这个小她八岁的草莓,根本不该存在这个世界上的圣诞老人,卢卡斯。" more photos

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Friday Night Badminton

Zing managed to book a court in Taman Ibu Kota, Setapak.

As usual, rate of RM8 per hour. Hoon couldn't make it tonight.

3 courts in the hall also fully occupied that night.

In the other side of the hall, there were people busy decorating for the next day's kenduri, that's why Zing could not booked the court for Saturday.

After 2 hours of badminton session, we went for a drink at mamak.