Sunday, September 30, 2007

2D1N Ipoh Trip

End of September or early of October is good day for wedding. CWH had to go back Ipoh to attend wedding dinner, that's why he organised a Ipoh trip with us to bring him back to Ipoh. He is from Ipoh but doesn't know much of the nice things in Ipoh, CWH even introduced us the so-called 'delicious maggi mee' that gave us very high expectation, ate until my whole stomach oso 'sing tou fo' jor... We should have seek advice from JK rather than this organiser. Anyway, we were still satisfied with the condo unit that he booked for us.

Ipoh is a place where rich of caves, CWH brought us to several caves. This is Sam Po Tong caves.
Kek Look Tong caves.
By the time we reached Perak caves (霹雳洞), it had already closed.

Gua Tempurung is one of the most challenging caves that we had gone through. If you like adventures, you will like it. For me, just to try once =p We took the Grand tour which costs us RM22 for a 4 hours walk in the caves. We took the most difficult route where included dry & wet, we'd to use our torchlights to walk in the dark. Luckily now isn't the bats season, else we might get the bats shits =p Some of their slippers or pants were spoilt after kena the air kapur or slide through the cave rocks. The tour guide was kinda funny & helpful. Somehow I knocked my head slightly in the narrow caves, crawled through small holes and finally got wet.

Tambun Hot Springs had already bought by Sunway and now need to pay RM5. Long time ago, it was free.
After a day long tired journey, we relaxed at Tambun for a while.
The condo unit that was renovated & can fit in 12ppl but we had only 7 here.
A group photo at Kellie's Castle.
It's a poor old castle, hehe.... don't shout your name here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cousin Siau Yen's Wedding Dinner

My cousin SiauYen is having a luxurious wedding dinner in KL Hilton which is opposite KL Sentral. They've invited all friends from all walks of life, far & near, all over the world from Canada, US, UK, Germany, Kenya, Australia, HongKong, Denmark, Singapore, etc.

Wedding cake.

The cocktail welcome drinks at 7pm before entering the grand ballroom.
My cousins, the bride's eldest brother & younger sister purposely back from UK to attend the wedding.
The groom actually proposed to Siau Yen 2 years ago in the hot-air balloon over Melbourne in a morning surprisingly. My cousin is an architect & ballet teacher. She's kinda artistic. They had the wedding planner & creative designer. There's even orchestra. It's a very organised & well planned wedding dinner with beautiful decorations & music.
Cousin finally went over to our table, greeting the doctor in our home town. There wasn't any beer but red wain. It's kinda weird that we couldn't 'Yum Sing' with beer.
There's 2 big screen showing the '抢新娘' VCR which shot in the morning, accompanied with the wedding singer's touching speech & romantic singings.
Cousin Siau Wen, the bride's younger sister. Her chinese zodiac sign is conflicted with the bride, so she had to always hide away from the bride by not meeting each other. Siau Wen had just graduated from her degree studies in Chemistry last week and she had not made up her mind to go back UK or be with her family at here.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cousin Siau Yen's Wedding Day

It's my cousin's wedding ceremony.
My uncle & aunty with the bride & groom.
The bride's friends.
The bridegroom's friends.
Photo session.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Glance of the Interiors

Eyes on the interiors...... At the foyer.
Upper view of foyer.How I wish I had this entertainment room.

Bird cage along the corridor. It's a house in Sri Banyan, Kajang Country Heights.