Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hong Kong Short Trip - Day 1

[23 Nov 2012] Elder bro and Teresa finally get married. Here we fly over to Hong Kong to attend their wedding. 4 hours by Cathay, we reached HK at 3pm.

Dad and younger bro will stay in Island Pacific Hotel while I stay at elder bro's apartment.

A christmas tree built by plastic bottles:

Now it's my turn to go elder bro's place:

Reached his messy apartment:

Then we all headed to his new condo in Bel-Air. Looking down from 30+ floor:

His new condo is still under renovation:

Outside of the condo started to have christmas decoration:

Both families had a dinner together at Chuk Yuen Seafood restaurant:

The guys decide the food:

Pick it from fresh:

Huh~ first side dish?

Still haven't decided what to eat:

Finally Cheese Dragon Prawn:

After dinner, I joined Teresa's sister to go Sogo for window shopping. Already so late but the city is still so crowded and here ended my day 1.

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