Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY Day 6 - Meet up with Daisy at Queen's Park

Just worked for 2 days on Thursday & Friday, 3-Day holidays again.

Received an angpow from Daisy today. We went to Queen's Park, Cheras. After our window shopping, we stopped by Starbucks.

The Stragonoff Beef Pie with creamy mushroom - RM7.90

Cajun Chicken Pie - RM6.90

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CNY Day 3 - 家有喜事 '09

Yesterday me, Hoon, Janet, Suhsi & Sunny had CNY
house visitings, starting at 12pm from Sunny's house and ended at Hoon's house. Today we went for the CNY comedy movie - All's Well End's Well 家有喜事 2009. Stopped by Sakae Sushi for lunch.

The variety of Sushi that we picked:

- Souvenir -

Monday, January 26, 2009

CNY Day 1 - Balik Melaka

My 2nd aunty only have 1 day leave on CNY, so we only went back Melaka for a day. Just to visit eldest aunty & youngest aunty at there.
My cousin sis has prepared many cookies too.
Some of my cousin's creations: pineapple cookie, kuih bawang cookie, green bean cookie, cornflakes cookie, flower shape butter cookie, fried tofu sesame cookie, muruku, etc.
Today's lunch was full of meat dishes instead of vegetarian dishes. So for next year's CNY, we requested to cook all the available vegetables in their garden.

Friday, January 23, 2009

CNY Mood

Today we left earlier because chinese staff were given half day leave prior to CNY. We had decided to have a lunch nearby our office before going back. We wanted to try the Golden Fortune Cheesy Crown as shown in the menu below. We'd counted 8 pieces of prawn and wished that the order will be the exact count of the prawns too. When our prosperity pizza arrived...... Ta da.... Where were the prawns? The waiters dare to put in on our table without telling us they ran out of ingredient.
Until we had to ask the waiter, then only they asked us want to replace with what kind of side dishes. Finally we wanted the sotong rings. Ta da...... our prosperity pizza became this......
So happy and thank you that LimSK & LCP belanja the 8 of us (me, Aren, CJ, Huiying, NCL, OYL, PeiChi & YGH) without reasons.

Monday, January 19, 2009

KLPac Open Day

It's KLPac Open day '09, at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Sentul West, Jalan Strachan. It's a free art festival. The combination of Ping Pong balls to form a word but what's that?
Bob Catz lion dance troupe for the opening.
Flea market at lawn & deck. He was trying to sell out his photograph art works.
KL Children's Choir.
KLPac's own community orchestra, klpac sinfonietta.
Banana or moon?
Serious Comedy Studio preview at Ad studio.
Trying out how bright is the spotlight being on the stage of theatre. We joined the Backstage guided tour & learnt about the building's 107-year-old history, find out how a theatre works.
Dance showcase by Kayla and her group of students, performing a short flamenco program to exhibit the variety of rhythms and expressions found in Flamenco.
The Iron Dragons of Malaya - a collection of images taken at Sentul train station. Showing the historic locomotive depot.
Complete the Picture - act according to the title that given by the crowd.
Complete the Picture: Birthday Party.
Complete the Picture: Titanic Sinking.
Complete the Picture: Woman is delivering baby.
Bird decoration in the garden.
Balletbase performance at the broadwalk.
giving away ribbons to the crowd.
The given ribbons were for the crowd to tight up on the trees and make a wish.
Free shot from the photo booth at Shashin studio - "We're not KLPac virgin!"

Lunch at Yu Ri Tei

During the KLPac Open Day, we had our lunch at Yu Ri Tei.
Hui Ying ordered Black Pepper fried Udon - RM15.
Have a walk in the garden also not bad.
The japanese chef...... cooking openly.
Waiting for our food.
My KimChi Ramen - RM15.
Looking outside to the Sentul Park.
The corridor & the Koi.
What a pleasant day.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Duck Tales

There are 3 ducks living in the pond of Sentul Park.
Living with the turtles & koi.
So beautiful and natural with pure white feather.