Sunday, November 25, 2007

Macau's street

When we were walking in the street of Macau near to the Leal Senado building's fountain. Along the street, there are many paterns of sign on the floor. See, this is the Ruins of St. Paul's.
Wah! prawn, hehe~

Finished recording the notes/expenses of my trip before I forget:

- HongKong photo set
- Shenzhen photo set
- Zhuhai & Macau photo set

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hong Kong Tram collections

Downstair of our flat, there are tram stations along the street. The colours of the little tiny tram is looking cute & attractive in the modern Hong Kong city.
This yellow colour tram with sunflower advertisement looks very striking.
A pink one:)
Another pink one:)
I like red colour trams.
Another tram at the same location as above.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Accommodation of Macau Trip

Hong Kong Home Stay 香港之家. The kind of typical flat house. The house is manged by China man, so they prefer RMB rather than HK$.It is approximately RM31 per night after included the water/ gas/ electricity.
2 Night Stay per person = HK$91 + RMB50 = RM62
It has 2 very small room. 1 with double decker bed and another with double bed.
It has a bathroom which uses gas for water heater.
There's a TV in the living room.
The living room has a sofa bed.
The kitchen looks dirty but we didn't use it at all except brushing teeth. The view from bedroom are surrounding with many other flats.
The middle of the street is running with tram or you can reach by SaiWanHo 西湾河 train.

Shenzhen RiHua Hotel 日华宾馆 (3 Stars)
1 Night (3 Beds in 1 Room) = RMB210 ÷ 3 = RMB70 = RM33
2 Night Stay = Each person was about RM65.

Booking online for China hotel is cheaper than walk-in.
It is within walking distance to DongMen shopping street 东门步行街(老街Exit B, 建设路) that without worries to go back hotel if shop late in night. Zhuhai BuBuGao Hotel 步步高 (3 Stars)
1 Night (2 Beds in 1 Room) = RMB178 ÷ 2 = RMB89 = RM41.
This one even provide a water dispenser in the room.
Macau Augusters Backpacker Hostel.
There are free internet access in the open area.
One of the room that we stayed. 2 double decker beds.
GuanPei & SookChen slept in another room with 1 double decker bed.

1 Night (6 Beds) = HK$400 ÷ 6 = HK$67 = RM30
The person who rent us the room is very friendly and the place is cleaner & more comfortable than Hong Kong Home Stay. One of the disadvantages is that it's located at the 3rd floor without lift which is not convenient for heavy luggages to move up.

PeiChi's Birthday Celebration

PeiChi's birthday is coming soon. Initially her bf planned to celeb in Sushi Groove after work but some of us are unavailable. So, we've changed to celeb in Secret Recipe in PBD at lunch time. This is my japanese soba noodle.
The fresh fruit punch which got the banana flavor combined.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back from Macau

This is just a brief description of the destinations that we've step in. I will write more in details in the coming posts. Here I was in Hong Kong in front of a tram. Followed by the Windows of the World in Shenzhen. This is a mini Taj Mahal.
Mini size of being in Paris at Windows of the World.
At the Splendid China & Cultural Village of Shenzhen.
Headed to Zhuhai, the 珠海渔女。

Finally we were at the fountain of Largo do Senado in Macau.
The friendship landmark of China & Portuguese.
At the Ruins of St. Paul. Right next to it is the Monte Fortress. The left is the NaTcha temple & Old City wall (舊城牆遺址).
Approximately RM1.5K (included Air ticket RM365 + Chinese visa) is enough for this trip. Well, due to the autumn season and the winter is coming soon, all the clothes for sales most were long sleeves that isn't suitable for Msia weather, so I didn't do much shopping. This white colour suit which I was wearing was bought in Shenzhen:) Ended up we still have a lot of extra money to try out the food here.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Taiwan D'licious

Remembered last year Hoon's birthday we went to Taiwan D'licious in bandar Menjalara. Today me & my family had lunch in Bandar Puteri Puchong's Taiwan D'licious franchise.

This is Spare Rib lamen.
Shandong dumplings.
Lamb meat rice.
Deep Fried Fish rice.
Dongbo dried noodles.