Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Macau Trip for November

AirAsia offers free seats again. Last night we managed to book a KL-Macau-KL 7 days trip ticket. The prices changed quite fast that we could only book the free seat from KL-Macau but the return need to pay RM109.99. But it's still cheap enough after including tax which is about RM365. At first we saw free one with RM255 but sigh... some other people booked faster than us. This trip I'll be following my colleagues, 6 girls. We haven't decide which destinations yet, maybe will hop on Shenzhen & Guangzhou or Hong Kong. However, one of us had already visited HK, so the possibility to HK is low. November is autumn, one of the best time to visit, in terms of weather.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Departmental Trip plan for May

My fellow colleague, Vincent, is organising a departmental trip to Cherating in 26/27 May. About 30 of the staff have paid the deposit, the resort will be Suria Cherating Resort. He sent us a draft itinerary:

It seems like very interesting because I have not been to Kuantan before and this trip could be a brief introduction for me to know this place although it's just 2D1N:) Well, another thing is that I'm gonna miss Janet's birthday celebration this yr again? Because last year our company had a trip to Port Dickson on her Bday.... Oh, no... =p Met Helen online and she suggested if going out at night to celeb Janet's bday, she will pick Breakers in Desa Sri Hartamas but it is still early to do planning until the coming May.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

SGM Family Day

Daisy is a member of SGM(Soka Gakkai Malaysia) since teens. Her organisation was having a family day today at Taman Kota Cheras. There's also recycle event running around in different buildings, including old computers/batteries, paper, bottles, etc. I brought some old waste paper/brochures for recycling. It was also like a pasar pagi because people kept lelong their old stuff in cheap. Along the market, there's also members opened booth to invite SGM members to join their clubs, eg: orchestra, choir, dance, etc. However, I'm not a member, so it's not eligible to join. Other than that, the members prepared breakfast/lunch in their big hall canteen for sale. Daisy took me around the buildings and intro me her organisation. Well, it's nice to know such an organisation and their activities but I got no interested to join the believing. Later on, we went for shopping in OUG and gonna meet again at next weekend's KLCC sales.