Saturday, May 10, 2008

The bookfair which held in KLCC convention centre every year is coming soon again in this 24&25 May. Well, my colleagues are planning to have Penang trip on that weekend too, but seems like not much response, somemore I have already fixed the date for my highschool friends to celeb Janet's bday or going bookfair.

Meanwhile, One Million Star 3 is much more better than season 2. When I watched until 25 April show, surprisingly Chris Yu Hong Ming was one of the judges. He gave a small performance with one of the contestants who likes Chris as an idol:

Still remember season 1's PK contestant, Jam Hsiao (萧敬腾), is going to release his first album in June, so excited to listen it. His voice is really very powerful. He doesn't speak much and he is very young that he reacts cute.
Jam 萧敬腾 - You are the Only One in the World (世界唯一的你)

Jam 萧敬腾 at Golden Horse Award '07:

When I was searching his youtube, I found this which his fans did it:


hui ying said...

Thanks for sharing the clip with You Hong Ming.. Incidentally, that's one of my FAVOURITE song! :)
Love it..

Yan Ting said...

ya, You Hong Ming's songs r very nice.
Now I started to like Jam Hsiao's live performance.