Saturday, January 29, 2011

CNY Celebration for Volunteers & Members

Sheau Yuan reminded me to attend their CNY celebration organised by each branch of the charity foundation nearby our neighbourhood. Some vegetarian food, dessert & mandarin orange were prepared for us.

Some drama act from the volunteers were performed. Video & CNY speeches from the foundation founder was shown too. Then we were given this special coin. It was same size as NT$ 50 cents which had a special meaning to the history of the foundation. The founder actually spent her books copyright royalties to make these coins. We were required to randomly pick up a rolled paper - JingSi note. My note was "Always strive to learn & upgrade, do not drag our feet".

Finally we were given Bodhi leaves to write down our New Year resolution and dropped them into their basket before leaving:

Short story of the NT$ 50 cents:
In 1966, with the support of 30 housewives who donate NT$ 50 cents a day to establish a charity fund, the founder started this charity foundation in Taiwan. With that, it is now spread into five continents across the world.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Celebration for PeiFen at SOULed OUT

We celebrated PeiFen's belated birthday at SOULed OUT in Sri Hartamas.

Guan Hong & Pei Chi couldn't join us this round because of having their honeymoon in Bali.

Birthday girl's Chicken CordonBLU (RM23):

My Seafood Marinara (RM25):

HuiYing's TomYam Noodle (RM18):

Group photo with our food:

Hallelujah...... At 10pm, Ong suddenly became the brightest among us, LOL. Time for him to give us a speech:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guan Hong & Pei Chi's Wedding Dinner

Guan Hong & Pei Chi's wedding dinner was held in Klang Palace Restaurant, Centro Mall (Grand Imperial Ballroom):

First dishes:

Ong, CJ, me, HuiYing & LBS:

Photo with Pei Chi & Guan Hong:

End of the dinner, we had photo session before leaving.

Next couple:

The wedding dinner kinda like a company annual dinner since so many colleagues attended:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wedding Day of Guan Hong & Pei Chi

The Brothers gathered at Klang in the early morning at 6am.
Around 9am, the Heng Dai arrived Seremban with 6 white colour MyVi cars.

The Ji Mui had already prepared the materials to make fun on the Heng Dai.

First game: Body food. Putting the banana on their body (Buttock, Neck, Armpit, Thigh) and let another Heng Dai to finish it.

Second game: Dancing pose. The Heng Dai must follow the dancing pose that same with the picture that Ji Mui prepared.

Drink the liquid of Sweet, Sour, Bitter & Spicy.

Then, the Heng Dai were required to pick up the peanuts from the ice water using their toes and make a Love Shape. Finally, Guan Hong was asked to write down 10 reasons why Pei Chi should marry to him:

Pei Chi accepted the 10 reasons:

Ji Mui were prepared with Pink colour smiley T-shirt:

Heng Dai should wear the White colour smiley T-shirt: