Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Balik Malacca

Balik Durian Tunggal again, my dad's home town. Every time when we balik, we sure will eat this... It's one of our traditional food - 咸茶, kinda like LuiCha and it's not the kind of HoPo (荷婆) type. What I like most is its simple golden rice + salted tea soup + variety of vegetables serving together.

Aunties families and us went to Bei Zhan restaurant at Melaka Raya which is opposite the Garden City Services Apartment in Bandar Hilir.

Today was my 3rd time to 'Lou Sang' during this CNY already. This restaurant is in my recommended list where the food is nice & have quality, fast service, clean toilet, price OK.

Chinese New Year is normally the most fun festival for children, the food that is served for guests eventually will be in their stomach. For adults, it's time to relax or having gatherings.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Karaoke + 拜年

嗨!恭喜发财!新年快乐!Going Karaoke seems like a tradition on every chinese new year for us. Today was my highschool friends house visiting. Before going each house to get angpows, we went to RedBox first. They had added one more event - lucky draw, but we picked the orange ping pong ball from the covered box, it's a jug of softdrink and didn't valid for today but from Mar-May only.

During CNY, most of the time, our stomachs are all the while very full... as we eat from house to house. Tomorrow is the fourth day of CNY, took a day leave, will go back to Malacca to visit aunties and cousin.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Reunion Dinner

This year uncle booked a table at restaurant The Ming Room, Bangsar shopping centre. 7 of us attended only because my elder brother & 2 cousins are working or studying overseas. We might go down to Melaka on Cho 4 to visit aunties. Cho 3 is my day with my friends.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

February Babies

We sometimes share to buy cakes several times each month to celebrate colleagues' birthday. As our department has grown, more and more staff have joined in, the expenses are getting higher. Now, we have a new plan, that is celebrate the month's babies birthday on 15th every month.

This month there are 6 February babies, including me:) which is on Friday! We shared 2 cakes and pies.

- Souvenir -
Thanks for my cubicle mate that he remembered to bring us souvenir from HK while assigned at there for a month :) It's a chinese style artistic drawing glass bottle. Well, all my cubicle mates will move to new renovated booth on the other side except me. This is because my side is more on support while they are the developers.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Using Streamyx

My house phone number had been changed to Telekom line, so that our house can use Streamyx. Previously we were using Time line and Jaring only. We applied Streamyx because my younger brother was back home and he will stay here longer, his daily online usage is heavy, so using Streamyx is more worth compared to our previous low online usage.

Well, all PCs at home had been networked, so can online together already :) We could put on wireless as we also have the extra device ready, maybe later. Now, most important is to try out how to download my favourite dramas, movies and mp3s... haha! And also can update my blog more often, download hardware drivers, reading news.

- more stamps collected -
Collected another 9 more stamps from Australia, given by my younger brother. Look, the similarity is animals and natural plants.

- Movie -
One of the recommended korean movie - My Piano. The story is just normal but with beautiful colours and nice music. When I watched this, it's without any subtitles but we could easily understand the story because it's just a simple story. About a lady open a piano academy. One day a problematic boy came over and she discovered he's a talented pianist where he could transform every single natural sound into piano notes. She decided to train him for piano competition......

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vista road show

Received a message from my college friend, Raveena. She was interested to upgrade her PC with Microsoft Windows Vista. So, let's go to have a view of Vista... There's a road show in front of Low Yat plaza & in the concourse. Since it's new, many shops were not aware of the price and the minimum specs or drivers of hardware that support Vista.