Thursday, February 28, 2008

Farewell at Victoria Station

One of my colleague, Vincent, is leaving the company because of going to US to reunited with his family there. All of us had a farewell lunch for him at Victoria Station, Damansara. The interior is designed as a train station where there are train signboards, train and the traffic lights.
My boss belanja, so I ordered an appetizer to share with my friends, Crispy Potato Skin (RM8.90) baked with beef & cheese.
My watermelon fresh juice(RM5.90), Huiying's milkshake(RM5.90) and ChaiLan's ice lemon tea(RM4.90).
JianEr's Fish Fillet & Chips (RM17.90).
Huiying, ChaiLan & Me ordered the so called baby food - Seafood Au Gratine (RM17.90). This is because it's a lot of soft blended tuna with little prawns/squid baked with cheese.
MingLi ordered the safe one - Chicken Maryland.

- Music -
Edited my songlist.....

Kenji Wu 吴克群 - 为你写诗:

Kenji with 小美,Valen & Landy:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

College Friends Gathering

Eelin sms us to come out for a gathering. Ginn & Raveena couldn't make it, so this time it's just me, Veslyn, Eelin & PohSeng.

We'd met up at Mid Valley, lunch at Mr.Ho's Fine Foods. We discussed to have the next gathering that should include more old friends. This is my set lunch of Spaghetti with roasted pork. The skin is very crispy, very recommended if you like roasted pork.
Eelin & PohSeng ordered similar set -
Charbroil chicken with spaghetti.
Veslyn's Singapore Curry noodle. It's very big bowl with roasted pork, prawn, char siew, etc.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Belated Birthday

Office monthly birthday celebration. It's my turn this month.
Starting this year, there's RM200 subsidy each month for the whole celebration. There are 5 February babies in my department.
Yesterday was colleagues house visiting to take angpow & CNY gambling. Coincident it's Julie birthday too, so they as well had a belated birthday for me.

Today it's another belated birthday dinner with my colleagues. As usual, we always choose SS2's New Paris.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

CNY Karaoke & KungFu Dunk

As usual every Chinese New Year, me & my highschool friends will go for Karaoke. This year we went to The Curve for K. Songs I'd wanted to sing are the 星光帮 One Million Stars' songs, Gary's 背叛, Valen's 手写爱 & 北纬66度, etc.

Sunny booked the KungFu Dunk in Cantonese & Mandarin and finally we'd chosen the Cantonese version. Well, the Cantonese one isn't Jay's voice. CJ7 is more for children&family while Kungfu Dunk is more for youngsters. Each got their own humour... Jay got his cool acting. For CJ7, I like the 7星仔 & the kid, my favourite scene is when they are killing the cockroaches in the poor old house.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Lou Sang again during CNY reunion dinner. 2nd day of Chinese new year... me, Janet & Sunny went to 1U for movie - CJ7. Bcoz it's still early, we started to take photos with the lucky wordings of CNY while there weren't many people shopping in the morning.
Oops...... a bit blur. Lunch at Pasta Zanmai......
My lala & mushroom tomato sauce pasta, very big plate.
Janet's prawn & squid tomato sauce pasta.
Sunny's squid ink pasta.
Delicious fruit juice... 3 of us enjoyed the lunch very much.
- Souvenir -

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hoa Vietnam Noodle

Family lunch at Hoa Vietnam Noodle. It's opposite of the Bandar Puteri Mart, Puchong.
It just opened since last year December, so there's 20% discount and free salad.
My beef noodle.

I saw TV there is a Japanese drama - Nodame Cantabile (のだめカンタービレ). I thought I want to download the drama but I have downloaded their Special Lesson which is about 4 hours long. I didn't watch the drama before but straight away jumped to this special lesson, I still manage to catch the story. Chiaki & Yamei follow their music dreams to Paris. Chiaki won the music conductor contest in the Praha. Yamei successfully overcome her fear in playing piano and learn the music analysis after her hardworks. The orchestra & their performance is excellent, Bravo!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Today is KL holiday:) Every week in January (except one week) also got a day of holiday. Working 4 days a week, working days passed easily fast. Next week even work for another 2 days & a half, here comes our Chinese New Year holidays again ^_^. Anyway, I have also applied another extra day on 11 Feb because a lot of my colleagues are not in the office.

Last night, our japanese class came in another teacher, Iwahara(いわはら) sensei. How come always different sensei comes in but surprisingly they all can continue the correct syllabus. But I find that teaching by different sensei is interesting:) It has been started for a month, we've taught by 4 sensei. Within 1 month, they've finished teaching Hiragana(ひらがな). Next week is the school holidays.... yeah, also my long holidays again.

- Movie -
I heard The Namesake is a nice movie, so I tried to watch it today. It didn't dissapointed me. There's message to be carried out in this movie. It's not that kind of bollywood movies with dancing & music. It talks about the struggles between the two first generation Indian immigrants from India to New York. Ashoke & Ashima migrate to America and give birth a son & a daughter. Their son is named as Gogol (name of a book authur Nikolai Gogol). However, due to many circumstances of Gogol's name, himself had changed his own name. Finally he realised why his father gave him this name...... From this movie, we saw the cross culture of Indian-American too.