Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tea Break at San Francisco Coffee

Recently our office had been coming in staff from HK regional. I was assigned to provide IT support for 3 regional auditors from HK in the past 2 weeks. It's the last day for Swee Ting, Eric & Peter to work in Msia office.

Remembered the first day when I just met them, Peter was very curious that we could speak all kind of languages. Then he knew I prefer to talk in mandarin, so the team started to speak mandarin with me instead of their cantonese. Peter was so eager to learn Malay. Swee Ting told me that he would like to learn from anybody who understand Bahasa, including the malay tea lady.

Peter: Why don't you speak Bahasa to me?
Me: I'm afraid you can't understand.
Peter: Can you speak Bahasa?
Me: Boleh....
Peter: What drink do you prefer?
Me: Hot chocolate?
Peter: Do you want "satu ayam"?
Me: -_-"
Me, Eric, Swee Ting: Hahaha......

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dinner at Kim Gary

not a cheese lover but this is good, especially when it is serving hot, melting down the variety of mushroom (RM7.90):

Met Daisy for dinner at Kim Gary, Mid Valley. My vege+meat wanton soup noodle while she'd chosen her nissin noodle.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Book Reading - Kiwi Working Holiday

What a rainy morning. We woke up early for company's Bukit Cahaya trip but when reaching in Uptown Damansara to meet up with friends, we received a bad news that the event was canceled due to the rain, so we dismissed.

Well, what to do in this early morning? Continue to sleep? So I picked up one of the books which I borrowed from Zing few weeks ago.

The author: Diana Zhan Jing Qi(79), from Kaoshiung, Taiwan. It first published in Dec 2006. She applied for a 6-month working holiday in NZ, then this book was written:

I prefer to read the books with many colourful pictures.

She went for the job interviews and worked as hotel housekeeper, working in apple factory and grape farm. Each job cannot work more than 3 months, that's why she'd to change different jobs.

Sometimes there were free trips from helicopter flights or cruises for staff working in hotel, so she managed to save some money and travel for free. She even had a free trip to the scene of The Lord of The Rings. She was scared of skydive but insisted to open her eyes.

The quality on apple selection: Wrong color or Not Coloured, White Stuff, Sunburn, Bruise, Over Mature:

During her trip in NZ, she had taken a lot of interesting photos. How lucky that she took part in TNT Magazine photography contest, her photos were published.

The back cover of the book:

Still reading in progress...... Will return once finished :)