Sunday, January 06, 2013

Hong Kong Short Trip - Day 2

[24 Nov 2012] While Teresa and her mum having make up for wedding, me and my brothers went over to Lee Garden plaza for a walk. We visited to the newly opened Eslite in Causeway Bay.

Not very big, only have books and magazines.

We had our lunch at Hung Kee:

Then we all headed to the church for wedding ceremony:

After speeches, signature and photo session with friends & families:

Since the couples didn't take any wedding photo, and they dressed up, so we headed to Waterfront Park at Bel-Air to take photos ourself XDXDXD

Simple camera, simple wedding photos for bro and Teresa:

After photo session, we all back to have a drink and rest before a simple dinner between 2 families at Fook Lam Moon restaurant.

The bill for the dinner was incredibly expensive but I didn't managed to see it. Bro said better don't see it.

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