Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect

The 50th Asia Pacific Film Festival is held at Kuala Lumpur from today 28th to Sunday 2 Oct. TGV KLCC & MidValley are giving away free movie pass. My colleague told me to get her tickets. Coincidentally, today my manager ask me to go MidValley to get some hardware supply, so got chance to line up at GSC counter in the morning. I got 4 free pass and exchange the selected movie - Beautiful, Wonderful, Perfect for tonight 7:15pm. It's a Thai funny movie, talking about a down syndrom daddy rescures his down syndrom son story. His son 'Tong' and his girl friend 'Luk-Kaew' was being kipnaped to sell things and earn money for illegal group. I like Luk-Kaew as she's so pretty in brave/fighting. Long time didn't hear Thai language as well, remember the last time was during Thai fest in Genting. Their songs are kinda nice, I haven't collect any yet. Well, since this free movie fest is until Sunday, me and my colleague are able to catch more on Saturday to have a movie marathon in a day :o)

My dinner at Mid Valley food court: Carrot Cake