Sunday, December 30, 2007


A family lunch at Perfect Gourmet, chinese style. Many varieties but a bit oily that doesn't fulfil healthy eatings for my parents. The restaurant is situated at the shop lots opposite Jusco Kepong.
- Drama -
Finally the second season of 'They Kiss Again' released again, it's now showing until episode 2 only. The season one was damn funny & interesting, now I'm chasing the season two again:) But it's showing once a week, making ppl crazy waiting only.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Closing Dinner

We went over to The Curve's Sakae Sushi for dinner. Dunno why, all the food that we ordered were out of standard, damn not nice. Even HuiYing always like BiBimBab, but this time it's just no quality at all, the rice & kimchi also not nice. The menu is in Japanese & not translated in English, we also don't know what's the food, asked the waitress, she also not so sure.

My Wakame Udon also too salty.
Gerlin could describe that even she's hungry, she wouldn't eat the food also. The Sushi was not fresh at all.
My Ebi fry just normal, nothing special and tasteless.
Aren's Chicken Don, the rice was too wet & soft, not nice to chew at all. Dunno why today the food wasn't nice at all. Tonight was our first time trying here, it's so dissappointed.
We continued to have drinks at SS2's Yippee Cup. The bubble tea was so nice & so much different with just now the Sakae Sushi. This Yippee Cup is most recommended. The drinks in the menu are also damn funny, like 'Wet Dream = Orange + Apple + Mango', 'Safe Sex on the beach = Orange + Apple + Mango', 'Electrical Kiss = that mixed with ginger', 'Water the Melon'.
The white colour one was my pineapple milk tea, once I drank it, I was feeling like being in Mt Fuji. The middle was 'French Kiss = Strawberry + Watermelon', once tasted you will be in the countryside. Another was the ordinary Mango milk tea. There's free magazines, mahjong for rental, etc. The prices are reasonable. It opens until 2am. It's a nice place to hang out.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Leo Ku 'Magic Moments' X'mas Concert

Thanks to Daisy's 2 free tickets of Leo Ku 'Magic Moments' X'mas Concert.
When me & my younger brother reached the stadium, there was some rain drops but it stopped before the concert started. Leo Ku played a little musical theatre for this concert that he dropped into a jungle. The first song 'Love and Honesty 爱与诚'.
In the jungle, there were many little creatures......
Beautiful angel in the jungle......
Leo Ku was singing with the angel......
My first time to attend a concert, seeing Leo Ku in real.
Special guest of the night - Justin 侧田 & the group. Justin brought us the '男人KTV'.
Leo Ku was wearing a very heavy custume.
All stars on the stage, so early..... 9:30pm only.
Encore! Leo & Justin came out again.
Wow, Leo Ku finished the whole bottle of water straight in one time.
He explaint that the Magic is from our hands clapping. Well, what he means by 'Magic Moments' was the moment when he saw the lovers & families being happy & enjoy in this concert.
Well, of course tonight's X'mas concert was different with HK's where there were big balloons for everybody. But it didn't passed to my seat. Leo was wearing the yellow colour jacket. He sang us his old song 'Santa Claus'.
There was several times, suddenly many people rushed in front of the stage when he came nearby. hehe, me too... took the chance to get closer. There was one session where he came down to the stage and shaked hands with the VIP seats, too bad that I was far away, not in the VIP area. It took quite long that he walk one round at the VIP area while singing 'Jade Solid Gold 劲歌金曲'.
Well, the seatings in Stadium Merdeka wasn't that good, it's not that worth to purchase concert tickets if singing in this stadium. Afterall, it's free this time. Leo Ku sang the 'Money 钱钱钱钱' at encore session, so as '爱得太迟'. He hopes that everybody loves their family & friends, don't let it be 'Belated Love' as the song title. Everyday busy working but final it's for the family, so he sang us 'Love Coming Home 爱回家'. Tonight he only sang cantonese songs, don't even have a mandarin song.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Initially, aunty wanted to belanja my elder brother dinner before leaving. Ended up my younger brother belanja because he just got his bonus.
Steamboat at Happy City steamboat restaurant at kepong. The variety is just little, not surprising at all.
We ordered 2 type of steamboat, soup & porridge.
The next day, my elder brother belanja me at Little Vietname Mid Valley:) This is Lychee salad, very special where they mixed it with nuts.
My bowl of beef slice noodle soup.
Vietnam style drinks.
Well, me & my colleagues are planning to visit Hanoi on next year July 19-25 by AirAsia. Currently, there are 6 people in our team again. But this time, we will have one malay colleague following.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Balik Melaka

Balik Durian Tunggal with my brothers & cousin. A short stay at my aunty's house for 3D2N. This is the place where my dad grew up.
Our traditional food - Lui Cha.
This time, they had grown ribena tree, so we had some home made ribena drinks.
Some flowers in the village.
Afternoon shopping at Pahlawan Megamall.
This is St John Hill. It's right behind my youngest aunty's tyres shop.
It's windy when standing up on top. I could overlook the sea.
My 2 aunties who had been living here for 60+ years never been up here before.
My 4-year-old nephew (Zhe Xian).
My 6-year-old nephew (Zhe Yi).
St Paul's Church.
My elder brother & nephews.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Macau Trip: Day 7

Early morning, we headed to Senado Square again for breakfast.
We found Wong Chi Kei 黄枝记

Wong Chi Kei is famous for its fresh prawn wanton noodle & poridge. Each prawn wanton contained 2 prawns, it's very fresh & big in size.
This is the 招牌虾子面

Holy House of Mercy (仁慈堂). A charitable organisation, was responsible for founding in Macau the first western-style medical clinic (白马行医院) and several other social welfare structures.

Macau Business Tourism Centre.St. Lawrence's Church was built in the mid 16th century, it's one of the 3 oldest churches in Macau. It is overlooking the sea, so families of Portuguese sailors used to gather & wait for their return, hence it was given the name: Feng Shun Tang (风顺堂).
On the way to Lilau Square and A-Ma temple, bought some coffee milk tea.
Reached Lilau Square (亚婆井前地).
Beside Lilau Square.

Lilau water. The ground water of Lilau used to be the main source of natural spring water in Macau. They believe "One who drinks from Lilau never forgets Macau".
European style building beside Lilau.
Calcada Do Lilau (亚婆井斜巷)
On the way to A-Ma temple......
A-Ma temple (妈阁庙).

Tried 'Kau Cim' at here again.

Outside of A-Ma temple......
Back to Senado & saw Pastelaria Pun Veng Kei 潘荣记.

The local egg biscuits 金钱饼 is so delicious. The trip came to the final, it's tiring & as budgeted. Our next trip, going Hanoi?
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