Saturday, April 26, 2008

I downloaded a true story movie "Into The Wild".

The story is written in novel first, then only it is taken into film, Sept 2007. The story is about the adventures of Christopher McCandless into the wilderness. Once McCandless, top student, graduated from his college, he leaves his middle class life and travel into the wild to pursuit freedom. He destroys all of his credit cards and identification documents, donates all his savings, burnt all his money. His goal is to travel into Alaska, living alone and spending time with the nature. What a weird person, he's also from a problem family that made him decided to leave the reality. The story goes on so well, he meet many kind of people in the wild, he hunts for food in the jungle, hitchhike to reach his destination, he discovers a magic bus.... Until one day he wrongly picks poisonous berries that make him ill badly, eventually he starves to death. The tragic makes him realises "Happiness is only real when shared". Later people use his diaries that left in the magic bus to be written as a novel.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

CJ's Birthday Celebration at Korean House

We celebrated CJ's birthday at SS2's Korean House.
At Korean House, we didn't have chance to BBQ the meat ourselve but it's done by the waiters. We ordered some special Sets & few A-La Carte. Each A-La Carte BBQ came with 7 side dishes and the side dishes could be kept refilling.
A-La Carte bowl. Some close up photo of side dishes.
Spicy jelly fish side dish tasted good! Herosue's favourite si-ham. We kept refill this side dishes. Herosue & CJ. CJ and I.
Nobody can finish KimChi, my table doesn't like KimChi at all.
The boss said the side dishes of Special Set will not be served, so she recommended us the Squid Glass noodle that I had wanted to order at first.
They swapped this water egg for free to us, delicious!
Fruits at the end, cut in Christmas tree shape:
We continued 2nd round at mamak stall. I sang CJ a cantonese bday song. Aren & HuiYing chosen 3 slices of cakes from Secret Recipe. This is carrot cake:
This is strawberry chocolate cake:
Marlboro coffee cheese cake:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Visiting Catherine & Baby

HuiYing & NCL drove all the way from PJ and passed by my area to fetch me to visit Catherine & her baby at Wangsa Maju (Menara Alpha Condo). YenHong hurted his leg, so he couldn't come. Aren, CJ, Herosue, TuckWeng & Teh came late because of having lunch nearby before visiting. We shared to buy a baby gift hamper, a voice recording Dimple Bear and D.O.M 法国郎酒.
Catherine's hubby said that they've spent about RM15K for the birth of baby including the milk powder, medical & surgery, classes, clothes & accessories, etc. It was even more expensive when the baby was delivered during weekend. The baby prefer to sleep at day time, ended up they have to play with the baby at midnight, so they keep forcing the baby to wake up in the day time now. Catherine is much more busier than the 1st month where she gotta do the chores every 2 hours including night time when the baby get asleep, feeding her, washing the cloth diapers, etc... they both are very exhausting.
After the visiting... Me, HuiYing & NCL had tea time at Setapak's Little Tree Cafe. The songs in the cafe was just suit our taste that are so nice for K. Later on, we passed by the Titiwangsa Malaysia Eye for a walk before going back.

- The Bird -
Wah, why the birds look so ugly?

Saturday, April 05, 2008

NCL has the Sogo member card, so she knows that there's warehouse sales. Maybank credit card holders can also brought 2 friends into the warehouse, so I followed NCL & Gerlin. PeiChi & her housemate also went there. The sales is until 10 Apr but there wasn't much female clothings, ended up we again did much on groceries shopping:)

Finally I've bought my backpack for Hanoi trip. It's 3 months later from now but we haven't started to book our stays yet.

After 1 month, the birds in my balcony had grown up. Strangely that we found out there's another little bird which is now 3 birds in the nest?!