Friday, January 27, 2006


This is for HuiYing who tagged me.

4 jobs you've had in your life:
~ Software Developer aka 1 leg kick IT staff la~
~ Part time webmaster
~ Reception clerk
~ IT User Support

4 movies you could watch over and over:
~ Amelie
~ My Neighbour Totoro
~ Love Undercover
~ Whisper of the Heart

4 tv show you love(d) to watch:
~ Guess Guess Guess
~ Love Story in Harvard
~ Lost
~ The Apprentice

4 places you have live(d):
~ KL
~ Durian Tunggal, Malacca
~ Carnegie, Melbourne

4 places you've been on vacation to:
~ Singapore (passed by)
~ Melbourne
~ Sydney
~ Gold Coast

4 places you rather be:
Wherever as long as with my friends

4 of your favorite food:
~ Satay
~ Casatta Gelati
~ Chips
~ Pork Ball noodle

4 websites you visit daily:
~ My Blog
~ Yahoo E-mail
~ SinChewJitPoh
~ Hotmail

3 tagged:
~ Happy Nut
~ NiceCherry
~ Cheryl

Thursday, January 26, 2006

YeeSang gathering

After work, 4 female colleagues of us together with our accountant 'JiMui' aka David out to MidValley's Esquire Kitchen to 'Lou' YeeSang. 'Lou' for our increament/bonus/lengChai/free activities, etc. After spending RM100 above... David paid with his Citi card, only got a RM5 voucher :s

Later on, we still have to hunt for LimYF's bday present. Buy what huh? Tie? Belt? LeeHom kungfu style shirt? T-Back underwear? Perfume? Stopped at Body shop, sales recommended Kristna perfume - RM89, hmm... if we can't think of any... will get this. Walked by Zara, branded cutie underwears strike our eyes. Cool, red color with cats & rats pattern, never known the middle still have a hole... sure can surprise this valentine guy la~ Hopefully won't dissapoint him =p Somemore it's made in Turkey o~ If colleagues don't wanna share this present, we will share among us to buy.

Well, tomolo friday... all chinese will have half day leave, *yeah*. And I'd also applied leave on 3/2 to have a week break. As usual, I'll follow aunt back to Malacca on the 2nd day CNY! Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, January 23, 2006

5 more Days to CNY

Daisy passed me a card in the morning while passing my desk:

I collected 4 days' China Press newspaper heading for HuiYing to exchange Mickey's gift and she can only get 5 Mickey angpows and 50% discount mickey merchant voucher, so disappointing her:

Thursday, January 12, 2006

House Plan

During dinner, dad showed his dream house plan to me. The architect added wall break decoration for him as the design is too plain. Well, he just want a simple and easy-to-maintain house. The uses of all the balconies are purely for air-con cleaning but not the sight seeing as the first priority. Elder bro mentioned b4 that he would prefer word style for inner design but dad insists not using real wood but tiles in wood graphics to prevent white ants. He'll never agree any wood staircase as wood needs more maintenance such as repaint it, white aluminium will never need to paint.

After few months redrawing the plan, his dream house looks more logical with 2 1/2 storeys. He insists 2nd flr can directly view the whole house, esp the living room, which could let him feel more secure living in it. The realistic thinking of him, putting all toilet/bathroom in the same row on each floor to avoid water leaking on other parts of the house in future, also easy for pipe maintenance. He sure will add the water filter outside of his house to avoid dirty water to be stored in all his tanks coz our current house's tanks are full of mud/dirt after 25yrs+. As mentioned, he prefer simple & cost saving, interior design will not be considered much. They're still amending the plan til he's satisfied.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bukit Bintang countdown

11am reached TimeSquare to buy KingKong tickets with ChooiFong b4 starting our shopping journey. I bought a grey trouser for work. It's kinda hard to find a correct size. We shopped till hungry and settled at ChikuHo Ramen restaurant again. This time I tried their Jap Fried Rice set.

After filling our stomach, we continued our shopping journey. There's a shop named Kawaii selling many cute-cute things, and also another named Super Cool Hobby which sells horror and mystery stuff. Got a junk food store also selling many korea/jap snacks, interesting.

Around 4:30pm, we met another colleague at cinema before heading to watch KingKong. There were too many ads showing b4 starting the movie, waited abt 30mins. Main actress is so beautiful, ya ho~ looks like nicole kidman as HuiYing mentioned to me. The built city with small old vehicles and buildings were so attractive in scenes. The giant insects made me felt so itchy although it's unreal. Quite worth to watch it in cinema... coz required the sound effect of the kingkong & monsters movements.

Later on, we got no idea where for dinner, so just simply picked Siam Square. It's not a recommended restaurant coz the food came in slow and tasted bad, out of our standard. PohLeng and her 2 friends also joined in. So as David, Michael and his 2 old friends. Wonderful time... given celebration gift by the restaurant before leaving to Bukit Bintang for countdown.

Along the way, the monorails would play their horns as greeting everybody! Many ppl were spraying each other blindly, kinda adventurous to cross the Sg Wang main road. HuiYing finally met us at Bread Story to vanish her 'ffk queen' nickname coz always fong fei kei recently. We picked a good spot to watch the fireworks sharp at 1/1, yeah! Neck was kinda pain when seeing the fireworks too long at the sky~ Last few burnings sure was the best! The area was having terrible traffic jam, so we decided to stay and had drinks till 2am+, by the time I reached home it's already 3am.