Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday Celebration for NCL at Hwangsil Garden

Birthday girl decides where to eat. First suggestion was going back to the restaurant where we celebrated CJ's Bday in Korean House 2 years ago.

We changed destination to Damansara Perdana for Spanish buffet but we were not allowed to go in without booking. Ended up, we were at Hwangsil Garden Korean BBQ:

Each person was given this plate of cabbage vege plate:

The side dishes could only be refilled for one time.

They liked the KimChi this time:

Our most wanted nuts & little fishes, kept asking to swap other side dishes with this. The nuts & fishes were sweet & sticky that we weren't required any chopstick skill to pick it up.

The fried cucumber was so-so:

The birthday girl took a group photo of us:

Dunno what this is:

Wonder what these leaves for, guess it's to wrap the BBQ meat:

The KimChi soup was nice. RM80 for this wok. I slurped my bowl of KimChi soup cleanly as I had not had any since last year's Aren's birthday in KimchiHaru.

We ordered 6 sets of BBQ meat to share:

Seafood pancake was just normal (RM25):

This time the group photo included the birthday girl:

The interior of the korean restaurant:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cite Bookfair at Sri Petaling

Janet told us that there's cite bookfair in Sri Petaling Hotel. It's just in a very small hall, not much choices of book.

I found a book with this interesting title - 这样也不赖. It is written by Lee Ding (李鼎), a Taiwanese writer. About his Leading After discounted with Janet's cite member card, it costs RM26:

As usual, I prefer books with pictures. There are 25 chapters in this book: 找回一个有梦的朋友, 在心里造一块黑板, 在超市免费试吃, 有个朋友一摸一样, 看阳光晒在握方向盘的手上, 对着电风扇大声唱歌, 用迷路来寻找自己, 在最穷的地方逛便利商店......

What he writes on this page: "原来我想 '认识自己' 的渴望这么强烈,强烈到我要用迷路来寻找自己" -.-

I have just started 3 chapters, some sentences I read...... “我不是不念书,而是总在考试后才把书念完”“但我发现自己的不孝,因为我居然舍不得狗比舍不得我妈多”“Ocean 是现在全世界唯一可以指挥我、连他大小便我都心甘情愿去清的狗。对,就只是一条狗。”


Janet & Sunny were actually here for the volunteers of World Vision 30hr Famine, so we had dim sum breakfast around Sri Petaling early in the morning at 6:30am.

Saturday, August 07, 2010


CWH came back from his cruise trip. We could choose souvenir from Langkawi, Phuket, Singapore because the cruise passed by these places. I have picked this tiny elephant key ring:

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Shape Run 2010

Sunny's friend helped us to register for the Shape & Men's Health Night Run 2010 and to collect the runner's tee.

It's raining in KL but reaching Putrajaya, the weather was good.

There was 12.3km for serious runners (RM40):

But we went for the 5km Fun Run (RM30) :

After 1 hour of walking, we collected our goodies bag, drinks & green apple:

I like the SHAPE bag & towel: