Saturday, November 29, 2008

The coming December

Every time Chris sees me, she will say I look alike one of the characters who acts the little girl in the Moonlight Resonance. I wonder which one that she mentioned although I've watched the first 3 episodes. Chris's friend had returned the DVDs and she so wanted to show me, borrowed me the set of DVDs.

Another Taiwanese Drama by Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng again - 我的亿万面包. It just released 2 episodes so far, but it's far more less interesting than their previous drama - 恶作剧之吻.

Meanwhile, we have received our JLPT test voucher which we'd applied earlier in Sept. The test will be on 7 Dec (Sunday) at 2pm. The test site is located at UPM.

It's end of the year again, lots of leaves have to be cleared. I have applied leaves from 16 Dec until 29 Dec, but no planning on the holidays at all. During the holidays, on 20 Dec is Company Family Day in Sunway Lagoon, had already registered:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Mines Bookfair

The 10th World of Chinese Book fair at the Mines was held from 14 - 23 Nov. Today is the last day, we managed to visit it. Me, Hoon, Janet & Sunny all also get at least a book from the exhibition. I got a book by Valen Hsu - Beauty Sence '五感美人'. It's already out the market since 2006 but I just could not meet with this book. Today it's also the last piece on the rack of Cite Publisher 成邦. After 30% discount with Janet's member card, it's only RM27:)
It has 187 pages. It talks about the beauty from 5 senses - Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight and Hearing.
Simply flip a few pages......
Touch, about how to taking care of our skin and body.
Taste, about healthy eating style and food, Valen's recipes, etc.
Smell, Valen's bath menu...
Sight, perfume... make up... high heels...
Hearing, music listening... movie... reading... Yoga.
The bookfair was not as interesting as the mid year Bookfest held in KLCC each year. Comparing, it has very less books and publishers, half of the exhibition are occupied by the stationeries/academic courses/digital dictionary booths. Within 1 or 2 hours, we'd finished hunting our books.

- Souvenir -

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunny's Birthday Celebration

This Saturday, we planned to go Redbox Karaoke at the Curve and then NiuZeXui street mall for Sunny's birthday.

This time Zing was able to join us too. She's our driver:)

As usual, we picked the Happy hour from 11am-2pm with set lunch and buffet. I'd chosen many songs of Yoga Lin 林宥嘉 & Jam Hsiao 萧敬腾 which are newly released in May & June which I had not get to sing before.

Songs we sang... 傻瓜, 林依晨's 你, 男人女人, Mayday's 恋爱ing & 离开地球表面, 刘力杨's 我就是这样, 郭静's 爱情讯息, 我怀念的, etc.

Next destination - Niu Ze Xui (NZX). The place is still quite empty.

Dinner at the Korean restaurant with western food - FullHouse.

Sunny(the birthday girl) and I:

The yellow angels - Sunny, Janet & I:

FullHouse sandwich club - cheese, ham, salad, tomato.

Zing's Fish & Chips.

My Seared Wok Chicken Chop.

We shared to have the chicken wings.

Zing & Sunny:

The interior design of FullHouse restaurant.

Zing showed us a Pet shop with lots of little dogs free walking around in the pet shop.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Catherine's House Warming

Another house warming of colleague's house, Catherine, new condo in Casa Tropicana.
1 unit is about RM300K+. There are a few shop lots down the condo, like Secret Recipe, Dessert's Bar and other cafes.
At level 5, there's several swimming pool and gym rooms. The environment looks comfortable & windy.
The house - living room.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Office Renovation

In this 2 months, there're several departments having renovation in different floors. Our support team will be very busy in moving all the IT equipments for the staff. The Unit Trust Wealth Management's lobby. Looks brighter. Why during this economic crisis period, they are still wasting the money on renovation? What about our bonus, could be colder than water? With the new design but still using old PCs, not even LCD flat screen, so unmatch. The corridor to diferrent departments on 13th Flr.
3rd floor budget is low, obviously the design is simple. The corridor for 3rd floor looks scary because it's just a long narrow path with plain wall. Can't imagine the staff have to pass through the corridor to toilet everyday. But IT at 9th floor is even worst that we have to temporarily move up to an empty floor with old newspaper pasting on the windows, putting big tables to setup network to work for 3 weeks.

- Souvenir -

NCL was in HK for 3 weeks to work. She spent her Halloween at there too. We still have souvenir from her:)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Terry Fox Run

Joined the Terry Fox Run again. We'd been participating for the last 2 years. This year wasn't that much of free food.
The Terry Fox Run T-Shirt.
The run started at 9:15am in Lake Garden.
The volunters asked the participants to run faster.
You could ride other than walk.
Bicycles were welcomed too.
Roller blades were also OK.
Babies could sit in their baby chairs.
The sarung team.
The nicest cold milo drink after finishing the run.
Later on, we went to CWH's house warming.
It's in Bukit Jalil's Villa Pavilion.
We were helping him to warm up his house, checking out all the equipments/furnitures/lights in his house. Poker time in living room.
Dinner for YGH & WPC's birthday celebration in LeongYa restaurant to test out the 'paper wrap chicken' (纸包鸡).
YunYong Pork Rib. The service of this restaurant is very slow including food ordering, food serving & bill paying.
The vietnamese kari sotong, quite a recommended one.
sounds like Fat佛-Boot.