Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zing's Birthday at Nagomi Shabu Shabu

We treated Zing a lunch at Nagomi Shabu Shabu in Menara Hap Seng today.

The Shabu Shabu Starter set (RM15) comes with Vegetable platter + egg, Dipping sauce, a soup base (Nagomi soup / Chicken soup / Spicy soup / Spicy miso soup) and a side dish (Ramen / Udon / Rice / Shirataki):

A group photo with our food:

So many food, don't know start with which one first:

The Add-On of 100g Duck (RM10):

The Add-On of 150g Salmon (RM28):

The Add-On of 150g Chicken (RM10):

Sashimi Teishoku (Assorted Sashimi Set):

I like this Bara Chirashi Sushi Teishoku (Assorted Diced Cut Sashimi over Rice):

The environment is good:

Not much customers, we were the first for that afternoon at 1pm:

One more photo at the entrance before leaving to Pavilion for tea time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cameron Highlands - Day 2

Ready for breakfast at Rainforest in Heritage hotel:

The food was so so only, not much variety too:

A walk around the Heritage hotel, nice surrounding. We looks like being in some kind of ski resort:

Company trip group photo at hotel entrance:

Next destination - Rose Valley:

Finally found a view that can describe we were in the sea of flowers:

I like this funny statue:

hehe, with so many cactus:

After buying fruits from market, we had our lunch at Kowloon hotel restaurant. We all didn't dare to eat that much because we were gonna use the old road to go back again :S

Cameron Highlands: Day 1 | Day 2

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands - Day 1

[17 Jul 2010] It's my first time visiting Cameron Highlands. Although it's a company trip but they only sponsor half to the employees and I still need to pay the rest of RM140 for this 2D1N trip. We stopped at the Iskandar waterfall, what a rest on the half way because the driver took the old road :S

CJ, Gerlin & I under the bananas:

On the way to Boh tea plantation but at the end the tour guide told us he estimated wrongly of the walking distance, so we didn't manage to visit the Boh tea factory :(

The HR staff: Sherney, YoonHar & her daughther:

At the bee farm:

The bee farm also had the strawberry plantation:

Passed by the orchid garden too:

Missed out Boh tea, so we headed to the Cameron Valley:

At the Cameron Bharat Plantation, thanks Zaila 4 taking this photo:

Always wanted to take photos with greeneries:

Relax & have a tea break:

We shared the Masala tea (RM20 for 1 tea pot in 6 cups) and 1 slice of Strawberry Cheese Cake:

Enjoyed the view & had a cup of tea:

Tour guide even forgot to book restaurant for lunch, so refunded RM15 to us -_-". That's fine, we could find what we wanted to eat. NCL brought us to the TCafe to try out the Strawberry Scone (RM2.80):

At Cactus valley:

Checked-in Heritage hotel at Tanah Rata:

Me & CJ shared one room but it's a 3 persons room:

After steamboat dinner, we had 2nd round at Brinchang night market. What a makan trip, I wish I had a bigger stomach that night.

Cameron Highlands: Day 1 | Day 2

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yamato Drum Concert

Hui Ying told us there was a free admission Yamato Japanese Drum concert at Auditorium DBKL. We went over after work and queued up for 1 hour, our seats were the first 4 row.

The show started at around 8:30pm with awesome drum playings.

It's mixed with musical, jokes & fighting acts:

Not only drums but with other instruments like oriental guitars, flutes & crymbals too:

It's so GOOD! Can't believe it's free. The audience says if it's not free, will still go for it.

Your heatbeats followed the drums..... Syiok!

Good job, everyone! The hall was full of cheer clappings. Encore!
The show was funny, with some actings. They were full of facial expressions.

We kept clapping our hands for encore, once again they were on the stage for a final play, nice! It's kinda addicted.

Huuaah! Photo session for the press:

Another pose for the press:

We still didn't want to leave the hall because wanted to wait for the chance to take photos with the japanese drummers. While waiting, we snapped photos with the taiko drums:

It's a chance for the left over audience to take a group photo with the Yamato drummers, yay!

She is very talented:

One of the funniest:

Like his hairstyle:

Hui Ying's friends. When the runners met the drummers:

Check out their World Tour schedule. How lucky we could watch them live in KL.