Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Online Survey Gift Voucher

Sometimes I will do online survey on my free time. Then I could redeem my vouchers:

One of my recent gift voucher that I redeem for Giant Shopping Voucher RM20:

I'd done surveys on Credit Card, Traval, Kids, Household Appliances, Advertisement, Work, etc. Each survey will have different length of time to complete, roughly about 15mins or longer. If we don't meet the requirement of the survey, we couldn't do the survey and will be given 10 points only.

After I had accumulated 2000 Points, I could redeem:
KFC voucher (RM10.00)x2
McDonalds Gift Certificates (RM10.00)x2
Giant shopping voucher (RM10.00)x2
Hotlink prepaid card (012,017) (RM10.00)x2
Xpax prepaid card (013,019) (RM10.00)x2
Digi prepaid card (016) (RM10.00)x2

Or Gift Vouchers for 5000 Points:
Petronas voucher (RM50.00)

Sometimes they will ask whether we have seen the advertisement or choose our opinions on the ads, whether we like it or will we buy the product after reading the ads. Where have we seen the ads such as bus stop/TV, etc.

Normally we just need to tick on the survey sheets:

One of the cosmetic/makeup fashion survey I had:

Sometimes the survey are quite interesting but some are quite lengthy. Not very often I got the survey, maybe once a week. We need patient to complete the survey and accumulate the points :) My colleague redeemed this McDonalds Gift Voucher:

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Public Opinion said...

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