Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Farewell for Pauline on 916, also CWH's bday!
Farewell lunch at Pizza Hut. Pauline は会社をやめました。

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Picnic at KLCC Park

Nihongo classmates organised a picnic at KLCC Park this afternoon. Yamaki sensei also joined for the fun & game. We got various flavour of spaghetti, mooncakes, jelly, sandwiches, fries, etc. We over estimated the food and ended up there was too many left over.
Group photo with classmates & Yamaki sensei: Group photo in bus. バスのなかに

Birthday Celebration for Loh Yuen Huat

We decided to celeb the Sept babies birthday in Station One Cafe, one of the branches in Kota Damansara. It's a bday celebration for 3 friends: HuiYing, OYL and CWH = Loh Yuen Huat:
Loh = HuiYing's surname,
Yuen = OYL's middle initial,
Huat = CWH's last initial.
The green colour drink is named as Happiness, ordered by OYL. We've dedicated many songs for the birthday boys & girl but the singer only picked some of it, eg: Yoga's 伯乐, Stephenie's 我怀念的 and the song that Aska beat Jam's 新不了情. The singer read the name of Loh Yuen Huat and confused whether it is a She or a He.
Group photo, Aren was holding the camera.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Day 7 of Hanoi Trip

25 July 2008, reached Noi Bai airport early in the morning.
Checked-in luggages.
HuiYing was wearing her 'Good Morning Vietnam' T-Shirt.
Our flight AK761 at 09:20.
Good-bye, Hanoi!
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Day 6 of Hanoi Trip

24 July 2008, it's only 5am but I've already missed the sunrise.
Got back to sleep until breakfast at 7:30am.
Western style breakfast.
Banana again.

After breakfast, it's leisure time on boat.

After lunch time, said good-bye to Halong Bay!
Back to Hanoi again. Went to supermarket.
At French Quater, in front of a Catheral.

Dinner at The Whole Earth Restaurant, the food is nice and cheap. But don't order their spring rolls, the skin was like plastic, difficult to chew.
Last night shopping in Hanoi.
Time to buy some souvenir for friends, finished all of the Dong.
But you gotta bargain very hard for cheaper price.
So many stuff, very suitable for house decoration.
At one of the souvenir shops, one of the family kids. The little girl was so cute, she even did poses for us to snap non-stoply.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Day 5 of Hanoi Trip

23 July 2008, the train arrived Hanoi station around 5am. We would rather walk back to hotel, also don't want to pay extra to the taxi driver. We spent 1 hour walking to enjoy the morning scene of Hoan Kiem Lake. It's only 6am that the park was full of people doing excercises like tai chi or playing badminton.
Back to hotel to pack our bags for the next destination - Halong Bay. The local trip bus came to fetch us at 8:30am.
Our tour guide, Minh from the Guang Ning province. It took about 3 hours bus trip to reach Halong. Minh sang us their folk song 'Vietnam~ Ho Chi Minh~, Vietnam~ Ho Chi Minh~'. We felt asleep in the bus because we hadn't had a good sleep in the night train.

The bus stopped us halfway at a souvenir shop for toilet.
A portrait of Halong Bay.
String by string, slowly became a picture.

Here we reached the Halong Bay!
Docked onto the Halong Phoenix Cruiser.
Lunch time before the afternoon activities.
Leisure after lunch.
Reached the Amazing Cave.

hmm.... what's so amazing, compared to Gua Tempurung.
The view of Halong from Amazing cave.
Get ready for the next activity - Kayaking.
So tiring of kayaking, had some fresh fruits and rest for awhile.
Evening, do whatever you like...... bath, swim, sleep, read, etc...
You could just jump off from the cruise and swim in the sea. Minh warned everybody not to jump from the top.
The local people row their boats near to the cruise and tried to sell something to the tourists.
Dinner and beer.
Beer was cheaper than the softdrink, everybody enjoy more beer here. Top of the cruise was more windy.