Monday, July 30, 2007

Strawberries & Little Tomatoes

Strawberries & little tomatoes by HuiYing from Cameron Highlands. Yummy~ *yum*yum* ^_^

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Farewell Dinner at Sunway Halo Cafe

After the treasure hunt, on the same day, we continued to meet up in Sunway Pyramid's Halo Cafe to have farewell dinner for TeongEng. It's very tired since many of us woke up early in the morning abt 6:30am to go Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. Then, we ended up feeling Zzz...Zzz..zzz.... in this farewell until 12am.

Sunway Pyramid's parking system is still very lousy since the construction have not completed for years. The heavy construction sound can clearly be heard and affected the Halo Cafe's singers. Luckily we arrived early and took a good seats.

This is the Halo Cafe Fried Rice in Bento style. 5 of us ordered this. Beside the bento, it's my California Sunrise = Mango and stars of jelly (bottom) + Strawberry (middle) + Soda drinks (top).

This is a bowl of Mongolia style pork rice but the portion is very small. Poor WeiHuat who ordered such small bowl of rice, it's not enough to feed him.
This is a Snow Fish spagetti. Aren said it's because the sauce, it tastes good.
MingLi ordered this Chinese Herb Mee Sua. The herb isn't very strong but just with many red herb seeds (Gei Ji). "All the Best" to TeongEng, we picked some songs for the Halo Cafe singer to sing: Stephenie Sun's WoHuaiNianDe 我怀念的, FanNaoGe 烦恼歌 & Jacky Cheung's HaoJiuBuJian 好久不见. Due to SauJin had never ever bought any Nike shoes in his life, we wished him can find his dream Nike.

PeiChi & GuanHong, Amy & TeongEng.
We continued chui chui sui (吹吹水) in BayWatch but the place was totally very different with last time where that night wasn't any Miss BayWatch and the atmosphere was so quiet, what had happened to this place?

Treasure Hunt at Taman Pertanian

Joined an event held in Taman Pertanian Msia by our company's sports club. It's tricky and the questions were more on brain teaser. And it also depends on your skills of catching fish with hands in the muddy paddy field. It's my first time to try and catch a fish, thank god we had YenHong in our team to catch 5 fish to add up the points because 1 fish = 1 point. That's mean if you got no brain, you still can win the game by catching many fish!

Sigh~ I thought we had answered quite a lot of questions correctly but the result was dissapointed. However, I did enjoy the whole process of searching our way in the jungle, what a wonderful moment!

5 ppl a team. We are the F.E.A.R team.
At the entrance......
A small group photo at the assembly hut in Taman Padi.
Everyone was trying to catch fish in the muddy paddy field.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Farewell at Monte

It's TeongEng's farewell party at Monte's, BSC. 2 big bosses also joined this lunch and became the drivers.

It is pricy to eat in this kind of western restaurant. Workers like us ordered the set mostly. 2 choices, either ribeye steak or salmon. This is the ribeye steak with spinach soup, dessert, lipton tea or nescafe. Dessert has 3 choices: chocolate, straberry or vanilla.
Salmon steak with oriental sauce

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Noodle Village

Noodle Village is famous for its variation of Pan Mee. It has different kind of flavours such as the special soya soup, curry, 'Loh' soup, black sauce, green curry, hakka mince pork sauce, dumpling soup and many more that I will need to go back and try out. My bro said HoChak! been here b4.
The bowl of portion is large and the price is cheap & reasonable with about RM6 - RM8.80. We ordered 4 flavours and shared together. This is green curry with 3 pieces of chicken on top of the blended Pan mee.
This is the Soya soup Pan Mee which they haven't updated into their menu yet. It's very special where I haven't tasted such Pan Mee outside in hawker center b4. After eating the Pan Mee, you still can drink the soya, just like drinking soya bean but a bit salty. The right is the black sauce 'Loh' Pan Mee soup. Then we also ordered the same 'Loh' Pan Mee flavour but without black sauce. After comparing, the soya bean soup flavour is the best, 2nd is the black sauce soup flavour and the green curry isn't very good, maybe the sauce is too less. We find that the food has been added a lot of ajinomoto because after eating, feeling thirsty.
This restaurant is located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, same row of the OCBC & AmBank. You'll pass by the shop while going to Giant because it at the main road, very obvious.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Trekking in Bukit Gasing

HuiYing said her friends (Sophie & Ting Ting) will go Bukit Gasing,
a hill to do exercise/trekking, great in the early morning.
So...... Me, Gerlin & ChaiLan also joined their group.
Maybe it has been some times that I haven't do exercise,
felt quite difficult to walk up the hill,
but I managed to walk through the simple route,
had a good rest & breakfast at a malay stall nearby.

We didn't manage to watch Transformer
because tickets were sold out extremely fast
although it has been up for 3 weeks.
So ended up, we shop around 1U.
I bought a short sport pant & universal traveler adapter,
HuiYing got her pair of sandal,
Gerlin & ChaiLan bought some daily food =p

Ajisen Japanese restaurant & noodle bar
Cold Ocha & Dumpling Ramen
Chicken Karaage bento